Law of Attraction

Imagine if you possessed a superpower that made it possible for you to attract all the things you want.

You already do.

It's called the Law of Attraction and it works just by thinking about wanting those things!

It's not even a real superpower and you're not the only one who has access to it. Everyone has. They just don't know it yet.

So let's investigate what this seemingly magical law actually is and how you can get it working in your life to do what it sounds like it does. That's attracting what you want, if you were still wondering.

What is the Law of Attraction?

law of attractionTo get us started, let's first talk about what this law actually is. Well, to help you get your head around it, you first have to realize that everything in our known universe is made up on just one thing.

That thing is "Energy."

Our quantum physicists have got that part figured out and have proved the fact at the subatomic level thanks to advanced technical know-how and high powered electron microscopes. Energy is a constantly vibrating mass of photons, neutrons, electron and all other sub-atomic particles that we know exist as well as a whole bunch of things we don't yet know exists (but theorize as to their existence).

The takeaway here is the vibrating side of it all. Energy vibrates and we can measure the frequency of that vibration. We know that different masses of energy vibrate at different frequencies, depending on their makeup.

Where does that fit in with attracting stuff to us?

Well, since everything (and I do mean everything) is made of energy, and energy vibrates, we also know that like frequencies attract to like frequencies of vibration.

The law of attraction is simply that a thing vibrating at a certain frequency will attract another thing vibrating at the same frequency.

How Do We Attract Stuff?

Since we (us humans) are also energy and everything about us is energy, we vibrate at a certain frequency.

That certain frequency changes depending on our mood!

It's not just solid matter that is made up of energy. Everything is energy and that includes sound waves, light waves, radio waves and even thought waves.

Yes, thoughts are physical waveforms and can be measured!

Our thoughts cause our emotions. Our emotional state dictates the vibrational state of our bodies.

So it follows that if we're thinking angry thoughts, then our bodies are in an angry emotional state. Guess what we're attracting in that state?

Yes. Angry circumstances, situations or people.

If we're thinking sad thoughts and feeling sad, we'll be attracting sadness or circumstances that will make us sad.

However, if we’re thinking uplifting, happy thoughts and are feeling uplifted and happy, we'll be attracting happiness and circumstances that will make us happy.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what the preferred thing to attract out of those examples would be!

By this logic, if you wanted to attract success, prosperity and wealth into your life, the obvious way to go about it would be to make sure you're thinking wealthy thoughts as often as possible. At the same time, you should also be feeling the associated emotions that accompany those thoughts of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

What Do You Really Want?

To get the law really working in our lives, we need to be thinking about what we really want. That way, we can attract those things to us.

So what doesn't it work for so many people? Why do so many experience lack and poverty in their lives?

Most of the time, we're thinking about what we don't want.

The law does not possess our conscious capability for reason. It just does as it does.

We reason that if we don't want to experience poverty, we should get wealth. However, when we go about it with this mindset, what we are transmitting (our combined emotional and thought frequency) are vibrations associated with poverty, not wealth.

The law doesn't discern what we want or don't want. It only acts upon what we're predominantly thinking (and feeling). So if we're thinking and feeling "I don't want to be poor," it sends us the "be poor" part of that thought, because that's what it receives on that frequency.

To get it working, we have to turn our thoughts around and only think on the positive (about what we actually really want). In other words, if we want to attract wealth, we need to be thinking and feeling "I want to be wealthy."

Basically, that's what the law if and how it works.

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