What is success to you? Do you strive to achieve a level of success that is satisfying and fulfilling at whatever you set out to do?

How can you know if you are going to be successful when you first start something?

The truth is we have no idea if they are actually going to be successful on not! Obviously we have a good idea that they will but really until we launch it is really just a best estimate.


successSo why do all the work with no guarantee?

Well if you never try then you will never succeed. If you never want to fail then do nothing and try nothing.

And that is how you get successful. What? Is it really that easy?

Yes that is it.

There is nothing more to it. You just need to try things and make them happen.

OK, so is this article finished then? Well no.

If you didn't read any further and just took that advice literally then I know you would succeed. The fact is that no one reading will!

Human nature means that no one really ever does.

The answer to the first question, "How do you get successful," is not really that simple. It has more elements to it. If you are now thinking, "Oh, so this is going to be complicated," then you will be pleased to know it is not.

Interestingly it is very simple. You just need to know how to be successful and apply what you know.

When I started I wanted to create a website that helped people. I went through a life turning stage and I thought that other people would want to know how I did it.

I completely changed my life through use of the Law of Attraction and thought that if I helped just one other person do the same then the site would be a success. The site is about Personal Development at this is a good description of what it covers.

Incidentally, if you are interested in Law of Attraction coaching programs, I wrote an article covering just that subject.

Did I Know it Would Work?

No, of course not. I was not even sure I could do it.

OK, so I didn't know it would work, I had no idea how to do it... then why do it?

This goes back to what I said before. You just have to get out there and do it. If it fails, do it again with the lessons you learnt.

The others elements of being successful have to do with the "Why" instead of the "How". Have you ever heard the saying:-

"People who know how always work for those who know why."

Let me show you some examples.


When Mr Henry Ford became successful with the Model T Ford many criticized him. I am not going to go into why but most successful people are criticized at some point. The criticism got so bad that someone said he didn't have any qualifications and would not even be able to answer basic high school questions.

Now I know this doesn't seem that bad but back then when someone criticized you in such a public way it was an insult you had to respond to. In a paper someone challenged Mr Ford to answer these questions publicly. Mr Ford accepted.

Now it was common knowledge that Ford didn't have these qualifications so the public were really interested to know how he was going to manage this test.

Well, whatever we know about Ford, one thing for sure is that he was a big thinker.

When they had him come into the court room to answer the questions, Ford also brought with him his team of advisors. Accountants, Lawyers, Technicians. Every time he was asked a question he was unable to answer he asked him team to answer for him!

Of course for the people conducting the questions this was not a fair test. But Ford had made his point. He didn't need to know the answers. He had a team around him who did that for him. He knew "Why" and they knew "How".


Let's look at a more recent example. Jeff Bezos. Do you know him? He is the guy who started Amazon.

Did you also know Jeff was very successful on Wall Street before he started his business? If you did you may think (like I did) that this is the reason Amazon is successful. Well it makes sense. He already had lots of money, probably knew all the people he needed to know and was successful.

Well if you thought that like I did you would be wrong. Jeff was all of those things but that didn't matter when he started Amazon.

So how did Jeff Bezos start Amazon? Well he was sick and tired of working on Wall Street. He didn't want to do that any longer and really wanted to start his own business. The challenge was that Jeff had always worked for a company. He didn't really know how to start a business. And what would he start it in?

Well as the story goes Jeff one day realised he could start a business selling books on the internet. Remember he had no experience in books, the internet or running a business!

So with this idea the first thing he did was go to California to a book convention to learn as much about the publishing world as he could. Next he found out about selling products on the internet.

This was a guy who knew about business on Wall Street but had no experience in either books or the internet.

Jeff knew the "why".

He needed the money to start the business. This was a challenge. Jeff had some himself but not enough to get the business off the ground.

So while he was going to California to the publisher convention he went to his parents and asked for them to give him the money he needed. Now these were not wealthy people. They gave Jeff all their savings based on his belief that the idea was going to work. They also had no knowledge of selling books or the Internet.

Well you probably know the next part. Jeff has built one of the most well-known and successful companies on the Internet.

How and Why

So, you see it is not really the "how" that makes you a success but the "why". If you need a "how" then it's the "why" that you should know!

Am I saying that you just need to believe in something enough for it to work? Well no. It is possible, but really there is more that we have to know.

Let's say you are looking to start a business. You have a great idea, you know it will work, you believe it will work but you also need to do more.

Jeff didn't just believe his idea would work he went and discovered if it would. He went to the conference and also met with Internet experts. He asked them what to do, how to do it. He took their advice.

I didn't just start my website with an idea. I went and found people who knew about running a successful website and learnt from them. Then I applied what I learned and added to it by continuing to study this topic thoroughly.

It also helped me to learn the technique of cleansing my mind from a ho'oponopono course, which teaches a form of Hawaiian prayer to rid the mind of negative influences.

The Rule

This rule applies to anything you are looking to achieve. If you want to be a sportsperson then you need to believe you can be the best and find someone who can teach you how to be the best.

So: Success = Believe + Work + Knowledge

I know someone who goes to a Ju Jitsu class and his instructor is a Black Belt in Karate, Kickboxing and Ju Jitsu. He was also the UK Middleweight Kick Boxing champion.

He told me that he had lots of belief to make it and win the belt but didn't have the knowledge. That is why he trained with one of the best coaches. Together they won the belt.

If you are looking for the secret to Success then this is it. It's the same secret that is used by anyone who has achieved anything amazing. There is no more to it than this.

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