Ho'oponopono Course Review

For those among you that wish their lives could be better than they are, I may have a solution in this ho'oponopono course review that you may find interesting.

What it is, for those that are interested, is a training program that teaches what ho'oponopono is and how it works. It then tutors students in how to become a certified ho'oponopono practitioner, able to teach what they have themselves learned to others.

hooponopono certification courseIt was created by popular motivator and star of ″The Secret″ Dr Joe Vitale along with musician Mathew Dixon and ho'oponopono practitioner Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len.

What is Ho'oponopono?

It is a technique based upon a form of ancient Hawaiian prayer that is used in healing by unblocking a person's mental and spiritual obstacles through a cleansing process.

The word itself is derived from the Hawaiian ho'o (to make) pono (right) pono (right), literally making a person's life and relationships ″right″ where they may have been going in the wrong direction.

The practice effectively uses forgiveness to remove negative emotions such as fear and guilt for past actions where they are not appropriate and causing anxiety in the person being treated. Let's look at why this is believed to be.

Why is My Life So Negative?

Many of us go through life experiencing a number of negative occurrences that tend to have a bad effect on things that happen in our lives. In most of such cases, we struggle to fathom out why they are happening to us.

This is where gaining an understanding of how the mind works and how memory plays its part in shaping our world from the inside out.

It is a very rare, lucky and charmed person indeed that comes through their early years completely unscathed by bad experiences. These come in all manner of unpleasant experiences that are often imposed upon us by other, usually older people that should know better but don't.

Bad experiences range from being bullied at school, caught doing something you should not have been doing and being scolded or punished in a frightening way, right up to terrible cases of abuse.

What happens to us when the experience is, to us at the time, too terrible for us to cope with? Our marvellous mental faculties come to our rescue by suppressing the memory of the event to such an extent that we forget it happened.

This is a safety mechanism built into all of us that is there to protect us in our early, formative years from having to deal psychologistically with the event and to get us to adulthood as best it can.

It works up to a point, but it also has an unfortunate downside. Suppressed memories of very bad events have a tendency to manifest in often completely unrelated behavioral traits in later life. These become symptoms of an underlying cause that we simply don't know about because we are not able to recall them from memory. They can take the form of anxiety attacks, lack of confidence and even phobias.

The Answer

By resolving these negative past events that are lodged in memory but not able to be recalled using the mental cleansing ho'oponopono technique, the current behavioral patterns can be similarly resolved and removed.

Once free of these limiting mental obstacles, a person can flow forward in their journey toward their goals.

Learning how to make use of the amazing power of ho'oponopono is a major step for many people, because of the results it can help them achieve where no other method seemed to work.

The Ho'oponopono Course

The ho'oponopono certification course itself is very easy to follow, being laid out in definite steps from start to finish. The PDF book provides the course material in written form which is backed up by eight individual video presentations that totals around 40 minutes of tuition that explain each step graphically, making it easy to understand.

Here is how the videos are presented:

  1. Introduction to Ho'oponopono: The technique and process is explained and you are shown how to access its power. Dr Joe Vitale provides some personal experience and Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len provides a brief introduction.
  2. Zero and Void Scenes: You are shown where you are in the overall creative process and the core of your life and why you are having trouble attracting the things and people that you need for a successful life.
  3. Mechanism of Cleaning Tools: Four mantras utilizing mental cleaning tools to achieve zero limits.
  4. Connecting with Divinity: Learn how to unleash your innate abilities and continue the cleansing process to connect your conscious mind with divinity.
  5. Practical Cleaning Tools: Practical tools to help you clean up your daily life. How to neutralize anger, stress and bad habits.
  6. Perspective from Scratch: Learn to take control of your conscious desire while you locate a place for rebellion. Ho'oponopono students provide their own experience while practicing Ho'oponopono daily.
  7. Attracting People Who Need Your Help: After finding the way to clean yourself, you are now ready to learn how to become a teacher and healer.
  8. Perfect Creation: Answers from many frequently asked questions about Ho'oponopono. Learn how to apply it in the real world.

The videos should be watched in order and time taken over each one to ensure the information has been thoroughly absorbed and understood before moving on to the next.


If you feel that there has always been something holding you back in life, but you could never figure out what it was, don't worry because you are not alone. In fact, surprisingly, the vast majority of people in this world are in a similar situation.

While the cause for most people will be different depending on their past experiences, the remedy that can release the blockages to allow free progress toward success is constant. Ho'oponopono is a powerful means to a happy end that allows a person to fly unhindered to their goals in life.