Why Success is Not Guaranteed

Despite following all the most amazing teachings on how to be successful to the letter, why has success not materialized in your life and what can you do about it?

If you don't know how to be successful then you will never be successful!

That's a pretty negative thought isn't it! Well I guess it is but I also think being honest and true to ourselves is half the challenge. Let me explain more.

Learning How to Succeed

If you want to become the best in Golf you need to work very hard at it. But, it doesn't really matter how hard you work unless you have someone who can teach you how to be the best. Someone who knows what it takes to be the best, what it takes to win and beat the best.

how to succeedYou may have an amazing talent but I can almost guarantee that talent isn't enough on it's own to make you be the best and become successful.

So what if you don't have an amazing talent like Tiger Woods? Well many would say that hard work is enough to get you through. And that is true, hard work can "get you through" but that isn't what we are talking about here.

We are talking about being successful and getting what you really want. So if you don't have a great talent at that then you need something else.

Find Someone Who Has Succeeded

Having someone who has achieved what you want to achieve or can help you get there is vital. I realise that to do this isn't as easy as just finding them in your home town! But that doesn't really matter. Let me give you an example.

If you have read my about page then you know that I am involved in several projects. Most of them for business but some are for other purposes. This blog is the example I want to use.

Before I started this website I had never had a site before. I didn't know how to install it, how to make it look like I wanted to or even how to make a post! Some of this I learnt and some of this I asked someone for help.

The biggest challenge I had was knowing how to make it a success. My goal is to help as many people as possible change their lives. That's a big goal but I am working towards it!

In order to make this happen I needed to know how to run a successful website by others who have or are doing that.

Who is Winning?

I know of a lot of bloggers locally, yet to my knowledge there isn't a successful blogger that lives nearby! Not that I know of anyway. So I went online and found some bloggers who are successful and considered some of the best in their market. Those two people are Rosalind Gardner and Matt Diggity. You may know of them?

Both are very well known bloggers in the SEO and "make money" niches and considered very successful. I have never actually met these two people but I have read their articles. Both are excellent writers and if you are looking to make money online then I suggest taking a look at these.

Why did I spend time reading pages written by people I hadn't met?

Simple. I know they are successful online and I know that they have the knowledge I need in order to make my blog a success. In other words get my goal of helping 1 million people! When I look at it like that the costs are very little.

It is possible I could have made the blog work well without them but I the fact is without their help I would probably never get to my goal.

Follow Your Dreams

And that's the main point. If you have a big dream or goal then you will need others to help you. Someone who has done what you want to do or has great expertise in that topic. Please don't get me wrong. I am not saying you need someone to get started! You can start the journey anyway, but at some point you will need help.

To be frank, it has taken me a long time to find this out. I have been involved in lots of business projects and many I thought I knew exactly what to do. Well, I can tell you now that none of those businesses worked! Sure I made some money in them but they were not a "success." They were short term.

If I had been taught or helped by someone who had done what I was trying to do then perhaps they would be making money now.

I know there is often a challenge with asking for help. People tend not to want to show they need help but it's a strength to realise you do.

So if you are working on a big dream or goal and things are not going like you had planned or just not working at all... you need some help. Hard work, yes, but you need help.

Follow your dreams and go for your goals like you mean it.