Is Sexual Energy the Key to Success?

There are often a lot of questions from people asking if there is anything else that will help them be successful in addition to all the information that is readily available on the subject.

There are, or course, many other things that will help in the attainment of success. The steps to success are nearly always identical for the endeavour you are trying to achieve but there are other factors that can help.

In the main article in this section of the site on "Success" I mentioned that you can have all the knowledge but not the energy. If you don't know why you are doing something then you will probably not be successful at it.

Something I didn't discuss in detail in that article is how sexual energy can be used to speed you towards your goals.

Why am I only mentioning sexual energy here?

Well there are other ways to increase your chances of succeeding at whatever it is you are aiming at, but sexual energy is so powerful that if you can learn to use it then it will give great results.

Sexual Energy

I should get this point out of the way it first: We are all sexual beings. It's built into our conscious, our nature and our way of life.

We do it, we think about it. It's of great importance, because that's how the population continues. It is probably one of the most natural activities we engage in.

There are some exceptions and challenges for many people but aside from these being sexual or having sex is part of being us. Please be aware that I am not going to write this article about sex itself.

This is about using the sexual energy we all have at our disposal in abundance to help us achieve success.

The celebrated author Napoleon Hill talked about using this energy in "Think and Grow Rich." He said that we have so much of it that if we knew how to use it to we could achieve amazing success. It's the same when people talk about not having sex before playing sports.

Specifically men talking about this!

Apparently it helps keeps the testosterone levels high so you have more energy whilst playing. Since I am a man and have played sports all my life I can say that I have actually tested this out.

Does it make you play better?

No, it doesn't.

Does it give you more energy?

I would have to say I think it does.

What I can say for sure is that having sex before playing certainly makes you less energetic. Perhaps this is down to plain expense of energy rather than anything else?

If I was asked I would say that I do believe this to be true.

How do We Use Energy?

Well the first think to do is know that you can control any energy you have in your body. Positive energy can be used for positive things and negative energy can be used for positive things. Let's look at an example of negative energy being used for positive things.

Let's say you have had an argument with a loved one. You are angry and upset and lots of negative energy will be moving around your body. Now you could use this to go mad, maybe kick something, start shouting at other people. Get into such a bad mood that is lasts all day and you don't think about anything other than that!


You could say to yourself:

"OK, I am angry and upset, why don't I go for a run and get rid of it?" Or, "I have so much energy right now, I am going to clean the shed out".

I know these are simple examples but they ways to use negative energy for a positive.

Once you have learnt how to use negative energy for positive results on things as simple as cleaning your house, then you can start to use that energy to do things that really make a difference to your goals and ultimately success. If you have some projects that need doing, things that are essential to your success, you can turn that energy to do them.

You can say to yourself:

"OK, I realise I am angry, I know I am upset but I am going to use this right now to spend some time focused on my goals"

Is it easy to learn how to do this? Honestly, not really. It takes some time and you have to practice at it but you can do it. You probably don't realise but you will have done it already!

There will have been times you have used negative energy to do something positive. Even if it was cleaning the house!

I know someone who had a terrible argument with their boss. Actually they had a very bad relationship with their boss. Neither the boss nor my friend were happy and this had been getting worse over about a year. Then one day after an argument my friend quit her job. Her boss was stunned but she had made her decision!

When my friend got home she spoke to her partner and realised she had made a knee jerk decision and now wanted to undo what she had done!

After some further thought instead of doing that she realised that she had an opportunity to go out and find a job she really wanted to do with a great boss (well at least find a job she liked!).

And that is exactly what she went out and did! She used that negative energy to find a great job with more money and a better position. Sexual Energy is much more

Sexual energy can give you so much more potential than negative energy. Firstly it is positive energy. It is there to give you a good feeling, to do something positive and natural. They key is to learn how to use it that way and not let it turn into something negative.

You don't have to have an argument with someone to have sexual energy (although we all know that can happen after an argument!)

It can just come to you whilst you are doing a task, whilst you are walking. You get the picture. The key is to be aware of this and then use that energy to go and do the tasks you know will get you towards your goals.

How do We use Sexual Energy in that Way?

Once you aware you have the energy just say to yourself

"I have some sexual energy right now, I am going to focus this on my tasks rather than reacting to the energy".

Take control of it, it's within you and you can focus it where you want. Perhaps you could spend an hour on your tasks before reacting to the energy (you know what I mean!).

It's something that has to be practiced but in time you can do it.

I realise some might be reading this and thinking I have lost my marbles! Well, that might be true but I know for a fact that this works. The first time I heard Napoleon Hill talk about it I thought it was a nice idea but not possible. Then when I started to practice it worked.

I had so much energy to do things it was amazing. It's just about knowing how to manage it all. It's actually good to store it up for a while and then focus on some tasks. Your partner may also enjoy that!

Give it a go. I would be interested to know what results you get!

To your health, wealth and happiness.