Real Subliminal – How Subliminal messages can be your secret to great things


When I started reading Personal Development books and listening to audios I was always really keen to find out more about the power of the subconscious. I have heard about it but didn’t really know how it works or how it helps.

Well over the last few years I have come to realise using subliminal messages is one of the best things you can do to help yourself. Let me say that again, using the power of subliminal
messages can change your life.

So how does subliminal messages work?

Well we should probably look at some examples to explain the impact these have. Television is a good one to talk about. We have all probably heard about subliminal advertising.  This is when messages are “hidden” in an advertisement.

An example would be while you are watching an advert for a holiday within the the frames of the advert would be frames of food and the name of the restaurant.  This would be advertising a restaurant.  They would only put in 1 frame every 100 or so.  This means thats that you don’t consciously “see” the ad but subconsciously you are seeing it and you start to think “You know what, I think we should go to that restaurant tonight”.

I believe that this type of advertising is no longer allowed.  But, and it’s a big but it still goes on just in a different way.

Why do all the big brands still advertise on TV?  Why do they have big ads up on the streets?  Because they want you to remember their product each time you go into a store to buy something.  What brands don’t do is advertise once and then hope you buy their product again.

Actually this is a big misunderstanding.  Many of us think that brands advertise to get NEW customers when in actual fact they are also trying to keep their existing customers!

They are trying to make our subconscious remember their brand.

If you look at breakfast adverts for low fat cereals.  Do they use an actor or actress who is overweight or considered not very attractive?  NO!  They use a very attractive, slim actress.

Even the music is designed to make us remember.  Can you think of a tune from an advert right now?  I bet you can.

Ok so we know subliminal messages work but how can they help?

Well that’s a good question.  Some of the best and original books talked about how to do this.  Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich shows how you can use your subconscious to achieve what you want in life.  Maxwell Maltz in Psycho Cybernetics talks extensivly about how to use your subconscious to get what you want out of life.

Actually if you are reading this I would suggest getting a copy of both books.

We can use subliminal messages to “re programme” our minds to believe and achieve anything we want.  As both men say, you will never achieve anything unless you believe it first.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming has help shape this technique to be used by many people.

When I say re programme many people ask “Does that mean Brain washing?”.  The honest answer is, yes, in a way it is.

But don’t be mistaken, we are “brain washed” each day by our environment.  What you can do is use this to help you get what you want in life.

One of the best ways to give yourself the right subliminal messages is through audio and visual.  Once you know what you want in life and what your goals are you can start to input this into your brain and let the power of your subconscious mind work for you.

What do I mean let your subconscious mind work for you?

Well this is a very powerful mechanism we have.  We really have all we need to succeed inside but often we don’t let it do what it can for us.

When I have a problem or challenge in life I tend to let my subconscious work it out for me.  Obviously there are moments when I worry about it but I try to forget it and let the solution come to me.  Normally this means thinking about the problem or challenge before I go to bed.  Most of the time the answer will come to me in the morning or later that day.

I know that sounds a little bizarre but you have probably experienced that feeling when you suddenly think of a way to do something but you were not actually thinking about the problem?  It’s the EUREKA moment and it’s probably the most powerful tool we have.

If you input subliminal messages into your brain that are supporting your goals and dreams then you are going to be helping yourself get those much sooner.  What do I mean?

Well let’s say you want to be better at speaking with people at parties or in business situations.  Maybe you are a little shy or self conscious?

If you used a subliminal messages system such as Real Subliminal you could become very confident at speaking to people.  Real Subliminal provide already created subliminal audio products.  All you do is buy and download the audio and then listen to it.  Interestingly these use a certain type of message that is hidden in the sounds of waves.  Don’t worry you can see what is on the audio before you buy it!

In the example of speaking to people the subliminal message might be “I am confident when talking to new people” or “New people find me interesting to talk to”.

This message is looped over and over so your subconscious hears this and starts to believe it.  When you are next speaking to a stranger you don’t get that same feeling you had before.  Instead you feel confident and excited to find people to talk with!

Real Subliminal have many types of messages.  I have purchased a couple and they are excellent.  This link Real Subliminal will show you the whole range.

If you have not looked into using subliminal messages to help you then I would suggest giving it a look.

Do Subliminal Messages work? – Real Subliminal the real deal??

Over the last several years I have had some very interesting conversations with different people around subliminal messages and the results these people have had. Some said that they didn’t really feel these worked at all and others said it was the best thing they have done!

So what’s the truth about Subliminal Tools?

Well I can only speak from personal truth on this.  Before I do that lets look at this from a logical perspective!

If you are reading this post then you probably are either subscribed to my updates or you have found this site and think it has some interesting stuff on it!  If so then you probably are in the same group as me who believe you can change you mind by giving it subconscious instructions.

The truth is those who don’t believe in that also don’t realise that everyday they are giving their mind subconscious messages.

TV, Books, Newspapers, radio etc…and even what other people say all goes into our subconscious.  We take in so much more than most people believe.  That’s why many successful people will be very cautious of what they listen to or read.  They will even be very selective about who they talk to.  It’s not being rude…just an understanding that your mind takes in everything all day long.

Subliminal MP3 Library - Subliminal Messages Subliminal CDs

So do I believe in subliminal messages?  You have probably guessed by now!  Yes I do.  For years I have listened to audio to help me achieve goals in life.

I am very vigilant about what goes into my mind.  I select TV programs and films.  You can’t always be completely selective as you might not then be open to new things.  But, you can stop the trash that you know you don’t want.

This leads me to RealSubliminal.  These guys have done a great job of creating subliminal products for almost anything you could want!  Life, Love, Health, Money, Spirituality to mention a few.

This Law of Attraction product is particularly relevant.

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