I want to be a salesperson. What do I do?


You are about to work in one of the most exciting and wealthiest industries there is!  But you are also about to get into one of the hardest and least rewarding.  That is why we need to talk about Personal Development!

Oh, not so exciting.

It is, don’t let my negative comment put you off.  Just be conscious of the fact that although selling is a great career it can also be very hard at times.  Good times and bad times, if you are ready for that then you are ready for your next step.

So what is the next step when learning to sell?

Well let’s assume you have never had a “sales” job.  If that is the case the first thing you need to do is get one!  Selling is one of those jobs where you don’t have to go on training first.  Notice I said “have” to go on training.  You can and it would help but most people just get into selling and learn as they go.  That is great in terms of how fast you learn but also tough in terms of how fast you learn.  Many people can’t handle learning like that.  If that is you then I would suggest doing some training first.

If you have never sold before it is most likely that you will want to look for a low basic salary sales job with a good commission structure.  Some jobs like this are Recruitment, Estate Agents, Window Sales people etc.  These are tough jobs but you will learn basic selling fast.  Probably what you will learn most is how to handle rejection.  More on that later!

It is very important to remember that if you want a career in Sales then getting a recruitment job is only to LEARN.  Earn to learn. Unless you love recruitment, know that it is only one step in your plan to becoming a wealthy sales person.

You have to start somewhere and those jobs will teach you sales very fast!  But, it is only one type of sales, there are many more.

When I first read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (note read if you have not) he said in there that he joined Zerox because they had the best sales training programme.  He knew he didn’t want to stay there but just wanted to learn from the best.  Well after a few years he was best salesman and left the company!

The point is he wanted to learn how to sell so he could have his own business.

So whatever your goal just know that your first and next sales jobs are probably just to learn.

Personal Development.  Your Personal development is really going to be the measure of your success.  I mean it.  The more personally developed you are the better salesperson you will be. Why?

Well I don’t actually think the best people who are sell actually sell.  I think they help people who want to buy.  The truth is you can’t actually make someone do anything.  You might be able to do some sales like this by being smart and using sales methods but really to be successful in selling you need to know how to deal with people.

I know people who can sell by being pushy.  But do people want to buy from them again?  No.  I know people who use manipulation methods that are similar to NLP.  Once the personal has bought from them they realise they don’t want the product. Personally, I have done that and the customer wanted to cancel the deal once they thought about it.

To really be a great salesperson you need to build rapport and trust with people who buy.  Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you sell mortgages.  One day you learn some cleaver sales methods, some manipulation.  A new customer comes in and talks to you about buying a mortgage.  Well you start to use these clever methods.  Clever ways to ask a question, clever subliminal methods.  The customer feels that you are doing something but doesn’t know what.  You make the sale and customer leaves.

Great!  No.

You see that customer knew you were doing something.  They knew you were applying pressure and consciously or subconsciously they didn’t like you.  Would they come back to you next time they need a mortgage or refer business?  Probably no.

How about this.  How about they come in and you work on being friendly, building rapport and giving good advice.  You don’t worry about the sale but instead want to do a great job.  They buy anyway and you chat about mutual people you know.

Do you think they would come back to you and refer yo to other people?  Yes. Ok so you could say that the first salesperson would make more sales. No.  You see they wouldn’t get any ongoing business.

The more high priced your product or service you are selling the more important this is.  I have sold many different things.  From low level software to high value consulting deals to ideas and joint ventures.  The more value in the deal the more important it is to know what is key.  And relationship is.

So that is why Personal Development is so important.  I tell my clients this.  I ask them if they have a Personal Development programme for their sales people.  Normally they say no as that is expensive.  But it isn’t!

One of the easiest ways is to read a book each week.  Buy Personal Development books on relationships, speaking, communication etc.

If you are looking to get a career in sales than you should do this!  My top book?  How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

You see the more you read about how to build relationships with people the more they buy.

So step here are the steps to follow: –

1. Start reading Personal Development books

2. Get a Sales job and learn as you go

That is it!