Working too hard and long office hours can make you sick?


Where do they get this information!  Like this was something new or never talked about before.  I would love to be the person who gives out the money for these surveys.

“Oh you want to do a survey on the relationship between eating chocolate all day and getting fat?  Oh sure here is £50,000.  Enjoy and let me know if you find anything substantial”


OK I know I am being a clever dick (If you are reading this outside of the UK you will have to ask someone what that is) but do they need to spend money and effort on things such as working too many hours can made you stressed?

With that said I am happy they are trying to educate people more about this.  I for one had changed what I do considerably.  Last year my work hours was putting a lot of stress on me, my wife and our emotional and physical relationship.

I would be up all hours working.  It’s not good on the mind or body.  So when we moved to San Diego I decided to cut a lot of things out of my work.

Yes it was hard, yes some of those things I cut might make a fortune but I don’t care.  So what?  I have a life.  And so do you.  Cut out the crap and get home more.  Let’s be honest, most people waste time at work anyway.  Facebook anyone?  Oh they don’t have facebook at work?  How about email or on your phone?

Don’t live to work. Yes work hard but know that work is just work.  It does pay the bills etc but so what if you can’t enjoy the time.

Check out the article I am talking about here