Do Mind Movies Really work?


Since I did that video on Mind Movies it seems this is something lots of you are keen to talk about!

With all the interest I thought it would be a good idea to write in more detail about How and Why Mind Movies work.  So lets start with the basics of what a MindMovie is.

What is a Mind Movie?

A Mind Movie is a movie you make on your computer that is about your best day.  It might have images that inspire you or images that reflect what you want to be or get.  You can add inspiring music or songs that bring out happy memories.

Take a look on Youtube for some great examples.  Essentially it is a short movie of what you want in life.

The idea is to play this movie everyday so that these images and sounds go into your brain.  Why would this help?!?!

Well it goes back to the Law of Attraction and also how we influence our subconscious.  Some call this the Auto Success mechanism.  If you have read Psycho Cybernetics then you will be familiar with that term.

Auto Success Mechanism

What a Mind Movie does is actually get your auto success mechanism working.  If you have read The Secret then this is similar to the Law of Attraction.  Once you start to act and BELIEVE the things in your Mindmovie then they will start to happenmind.

If you want more money then more money will come to you.  If you want to own a big house then you will find a way (or a way will come to you) to own that big house.  You get the picture.

I have set goals so many times and then struggled to look at my lists and keep focused that I ended up not setting goals anymore.  It became a real challenge to just set a goal becuase I knew in the back of my mind I would stop focusing on it! (I don’t have this

challenge anymore if you were curious)

And that’s why Mindmovies are so great.  They are an easy way to help yourself remember what your REAL goals/dreams are.  All you have to do

is watch the movie everyday.

So how do you create a MindMovie?

Great question!  You can make a MindMovie using your computer.  If you have a Windows PC then Windows Movie Maker is a good tool and if you use a MAC then iMovie is great. OR, you can get some help from the experts! Take a look at what Ryan Higgins and his company do click here.  They will help you create a MindMovie that is awesome!

So I hope that helps explain what Mindmovies are and how key they are to your life.  It would be great to get some views on your own MindMovies.  Leave a comment and a link to your MindMovie.