50 books every child should read. Really is that right? What about the Personal Development Books?

I hardly read books when I was a kid.  In fact I don’t really remember reading anything book like.  It wasn’t for lack of effort from my parents, I just preferred reading Beano, Dandy and the other one of the 3 kids comic books that we read in the UK about 20 years ago I can’t remember!

The point is, I just wasn’t really a reader.  I preferred to be riding my bike, or playing football or something.

Reading a book to me was boring.

Fast forward to now and I love books.  I buy them all the time and I am reading about a hand full right now.  I purchased a kindle and that has just been great.  Books have changed my life.  Yes, they have changed my life.

Courtesy of the Independent

Want proof?  Read my book.

So I was really excited to read an article in the Independent about Michael Groves, Education Secretary suggesting that every child should read 50 books a year.  The article also goes into what those books should be.  http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/the-50-books-every-child-should-read-2250138.html

Now that is great, and I wish I had been made to read as many books as that.  Then I read the books they are suggesting in the article and I felt sad.  Not because these are books are bad, actually many are wonderful and I have not read all of them.

But where are the Personal Development books?  Where are the books that changed my life and many others?  I know amazing fiction books can change you life.  You learn about people, how to communicate and to understand people.  You can learn about empathy, sadness, happiness.

But where is “How to Win Friends and Influence People”?  Where are the books that have change so many people lives?

Even a book on financial management would help.  Did you learn what APR was at school?  I didn’t.  My wife told me that when she was in school someone was brought in from outside of the school to teach them about APR.  In the UK we didn’t have that.

What about books on emotional intelligence, goal setting, spirituality or life?

Now if you are a real literary buff you might say I am missing the point.  You could say that reading the books they are suggesting give you all this and I can’t argue with you.  However, I would also say you probably haven’t read all the books I am thinking of.  To see the top ten see this list article.

What I am trying to say is there are books that have changed people’s lives.  These books should be included in the reading for kids.

I mentioned How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  Have you read it?  If not then read it and you know will know what I mean.  This one book would change the way the world sees it’s self.  By that I mean the human race.  Sure it won’t solve all problems but it will help.

Before I finish this article I do want to say I am really happy someone has stood up and said kids should be reading more.  That is a great start and I take my hat off to Michael.  If only other people would do the same in the area they work in.  However, I think we should take this opportunity to really make a step forward.

What do you think?  What books would you have in the 50 books for kids to read?