The Field Lynne McTaggart

Hi, I have just been reading The Field by Lynne McTaggart.  This is a wonderful book.

If you are interested in Intention, Law of attraction and Quantum Physics then this is a book to get.  I have never read such a well put together history of Quantum Physics.  Nor have I read anything that brings together Spiritual teaching with Scientific.

Check the review.  You can get a copy of it here

Lynne McTaggart and the Zero Point Field

I did and article about the Zero Point field last week.  Well I wanted to actually show you the author of the book.  Lynne McTaggart.

Here book really has changed the way I believe things.  I actually always believed in this but couldn’t explain it or verbalise it.  What Lynne has done is shown me why.  Here is a video of her talking about the field and how it works.