Do Subliminal Messages work? – Real Subliminal the real deal??

Over the last several years I have had some very interesting conversations with different people around subliminal messages and the results these people have had. Some said that they didn’t really feel these worked at all and others said it was the best thing they have done!

So what’s the truth about Subliminal Tools?

Well I can only speak from personal truth on this.  Before I do that lets look at this from a logical perspective!

If you are reading this post then you probably are either subscribed to my updates or you have found this site and think it has some interesting stuff on it!  If so then you probably are in the same group as me who believe you can change you mind by giving it subconscious instructions.

The truth is those who don’t believe in that also don’t realise that everyday they are giving their mind subconscious messages.

TV, Books, Newspapers, radio etc…and even what other people say all goes into our subconscious.  We take in so much more than most people believe.  That’s why many successful people will be very cautious of what they listen to or read.  They will even be very selective about who they talk to.  It’s not being rude…just an understanding that your mind takes in everything all day long.

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So do I believe in subliminal messages?  You have probably guessed by now!  Yes I do.  For years I have listened to audio to help me achieve goals in life.

I am very vigilant about what goes into my mind.  I select TV programs and films.  You can’t always be completely selective as you might not then be open to new things.  But, you can stop the trash that you know you don’t want.

This leads me to RealSubliminal.  These guys have done a great job of creating subliminal products for almost anything you could want!  Life, Love, Health, Money, Spirituality to mention a few.

This Law of Attraction product is particularly relevant.

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