Naturnal Instinct – Hypo Birthing St Albans

I am almost a little embarrassed that I have not posted this on my blog before.  Why?

Well my best friend and his partner are brilliant people and they have a business called Naturnal Instinct.  They teach Hypobirthing in St Albans and also “Breathing to a better birth”.  I get a lot of people reading this blog so I should have done this before.  Please note neither of them suggested I do this.

Now I have not been pregnant so I can’t say if this feels better but what I do know is that when Gwendoline had Archie (I am his Guardian) she had a completely natural birth.

Oh and before you think it is weird it is more natural than anything else.  This is what I learnt from both of them.  I am not putting down having a birth in a hospital at all.  All I am saying is that whilst Gwendoline was pregnant I learn so much from her in terms of her attitude to being pregnant and her birth.

They had Archie at home in a birthing pool.  Mike was there playing music and doing all the stuff like getting towels etc.

I think Gwendoline even had some Champagne!

The point is she changed the way I think about birth completely.  She made me see that it is natural and not something to be stressed about.  The more calm the birth the more calm the baby.  And believe me!  Archie is cool!

We went camping with them in France and Archie was cool all the time!

Anyway, I wanted to blog about this as they are helping people have better birth’s by learning to breath and relax.  If you are interested to speak with them go to their site Naturnal Instinct