Why you need to see this video if you care about health!

Yes it is serious.  I don’t always put on a serious “face” with this blog as I like to keep my Personal Development messages upbeat.  But I felt this topic needed a serious tone.  Slightly dramatic but that is what gets attention!

Anyway, as you may know I am involved in some projects to do with food production, what we eat and the sustainability of it.  You can see that here at www.ibuyrealfood.com.

While looking at some videos on Youtube I came across the video from the Food matter people.  For a while now I have put a banner on this site linking to their site but I have never posted this video.  I watched it again and really felt that it is an important message to be spreading.

How we grow food, what we eat and what people think about that is key to our race working together and keeping healthy.  Changes happen slowly until they affect us.  This is happening right now.  As a Vegetarian/Vegan I think I eat very healthily….but actually there are things I need to change also.

We should all be getting behind the promotion of sustainable farming.  It is a problem we created and our children are going to have to manage.  Watch this video to find out more.

Check out the site www.foodmatters.com