10 ways to make your digital life better in 2011 using Personal Development ideas

As you know I am all about being simple.  The more simple something is the easier it is to use and the more effective it is.  That is why I love technology.  It can help make complicated things simple and really provides us with a way to increase our productivity.

However, it can also really affect us.

Computers, phones, Ipods etc.  We are on them all the time.  This means we have little time to stop and just be.  Just be who we really want to be.  To think.

The more time we spend on technology the less time we have to think for ourselves.  Since I love technology and Personal Development here are 10 ways to make your digital life better using personal development ideas.

In no particular order: –

  1. Read a Personal Development Book for 15 minutes each day.  Put a time in your diary and do it!  On a Kindle is OK.
  2. Read the newspaper less this year.  Don’t read the news on Google each time you go to it.
  3. Get rid of your cable subscription and use netflix instead to watch films. This will stop you watching TV because you can.  How do you watch your favourite shows?  Apple TV.
  4. Don’t let your mobile phone ruin your life!  If it rings and you are busy….let it ring.  Better still put it on silent and when you are talking to someone face to face don’t answer it.
  5. Create MP3 or CD’s of your favourite Personal Development speaker and play them in the car.  Don’t listen to radio all the time.
  6. Subscribe to all your favourite Personal Development people on RSS and read their blogs without being on the web.
  7. Limit your computer time. Agree that you won’t look at the computer after 10pm or before 7am.
  8. Don’t reply to emails as soon as you get them.  Think about what you want to say.
  9. Take time to just get away from all gadgets for 10 minutes each day. Read a book or meditate.
  10. Know that you are in charge of technology, technology is not in charge of you!

I know these are simple tips but they can have a great impact on your life.  Try it and let me know how you did.