Do you act daily on your core values?

I know I don’t all the time.

It’s is something that I need to work at and probably you do too.  So what am I actually talking about?

Well your core values at what you believe in. What you really believe in.  They are what make you, well you.  Often you know what your core values are when in an argument.  They are the values you go back to when you feel like someone is challenging you.

But that isn’t really acting on core values daily.  That is something I really need to work on.  Let’s look at this from a day basis.

You probably know how it feels to have one of those mad days when you don’t even remember what you had planned.  Maybe you start by cutting yourself while shaving or your hair just looks funky, then you look at your emails and realise you need to reply before you go out the door.  Then whilst driving you get a phone call that lasts the entire journey to your meeting.  You are late, your client is calling and you remember you forgot the paperwork!


You have your meeting, the phone has been going and more emails have come in.  And, your client isn’t happy!

Your Blackberry vibrates and you know you are already late for the next meeting.

So you go a little bit fast when driving to the next meeting.  Actually you go fast.  Why not right?  You are good driver normally so why not this time?

Well as you drive through roadworks FLASH!  You get caught in a speed trap.

If you have had this happen then you know the anger that rises up.  “Why did I speed, bloody speed traps!”  You know the things you have said.

By why is this so annoying?  Well because you are normally a driver who goes on the speed limit.  At least you don’t go that fast.  It goes against your values to drive so fast.

Basic example?  Yes but it does show how not acting on your values can annoy you.  The more we do it the worse it gets.  Every time we don’t act on our core values the more it affects us.  Tiny events like this then make us feel bad about ourselves.

It’s like a constant little reminder that we are not as great as we thought we were.

Even if you don’t think this consciously, subconsciously it goes in.  You might even say things like: –

“What an idiot”

“Matt, you are a loser”

“Why did you do that?”

Great self talk!  Not.

You know as well as I do that self talk like this is not going to help at all.  Now what if we did this all the time?

Well that is what happens.  Our crazy lives means we are always not acting on our core values.  Small little things like getting a speeding ticket.

It becomes a process that we all do.  Interrupting people, being rude, not saying thanks, how many more?

We don’t slow down enough to think about those core values and act on them.

Part of my personal development plan is to work on this all the time.  To live with my values.  Not allow the challenges of life to get in the way of that.  It’s not easy!

The way to do this is to get some time when you are away from all the busy things in your life.  Sit down and write your values out on paper.  Then do this again a few days later.  What you will end with is a list that is pretty much your core values.  Your list will change as you change but the core of them will be there.

Now try and live your life by them.  See what you are doing in your life that is not inline with these core values.

Sounds like a simple process but it isn’t.  When you do this you can have amazing this happen in your life.

There is a great book by Hyrum W Smith called What Matters Most – Click on the link to see the review of the book.  Hyrum discuss how to find your core values and “What Matters Most” to you as a person.  It’s a great book and you will need a pen and paper!