Why my wife wants me to keep my mouth shut when talking to my wife about business

My wife just walked out the door nearly crying.  Actually she was crying.  Why?

Well I think I am probably to blame, ok ok, I am to blame.

So here is the reason.  She is involved in a charity which is awesome.  She is the Treasurer and manages all the money.  This is basiclaly like being a Director of a normal business.  They do awesome work for families and kids that has autism. You can check them out here.

Basically this is the first “business” my wife has been involved in outside of things I have done.  So it is a new experience for her.  Everything is new.  She is learning about making choices for the business as a Director and doing a great job of it.

However, this is where I need to keep my mouth shut!

Sometimes she asks me about something.  Could be something they are doing with the business and she asks me what I would do.  Ah that is the problem!  She doesn’t ask me that what she asks me is what do I reckon?  She doesn’t ask me what I would do.  But that is what I think she asks!

So I tell her what to do and she gets pived with me.  Understandable.

And I get annoyed because I think “Well why ask me if you don’t want to know”

The thing is that this small bit of miscommunication is the challenge.  I should realise that she isn’t asking me what to do.  She does what to know what I think but doesn’t want me to tell her what to do.

Is there a relationship you have that has a mis communication like this?  Maybe at work?  If so take a step back and see what the other person really is asking.