My blog is going to change! My thanks to Yaro Starak and Rosalind Gardner and Darren Rouse

Well it took long enough!

I have been doing this blog for about 2 year now and there was always something I wasn’t really happy about.  I put this up to talk about Personal Development in the desire that someone (at least one please!) would get benefit from.  I had read 100’s of Personal Development Books, listened to CD’s and been to loads of seminars.  I was and still am a walking talking personal development machine.

So it made sense to do a blog about that right?  Err no.

You see what I didn’t know as a blogging newbie was that to make a blog a success you need to blog lots!  And I mean lots!  or get someone else to do it but even then you still need to do it.  Now I am not one for thinking I knew it all but I thought I could blog about Personal Development enough to get lots of people to read my blog.

Well I did OK.  But not what I wanted.  I am definitely someone who wants to do well in everything he does and frankly my blog. this one!  Wasn’t doing as well as it should have.

Maybe my SEO was wrong?

Er, no dude.

I just wasn’t doing enough!  Not enough posts, not enough of me in the blog.  If you read any of Yaro Starak’s blog or Rosalind Gardner’s blog then you will learn that they always tell any newbie to blog about something you are passionate about.

But I thought I was passionate about Personal Development?  I was, am.  But I am also passionate about sales.  How to sell, sales coaching.  I do that with my clients so why wouldn’t I blog about it?  That, is a great question!

Well I didn’t so basically I posted about Personal Development and then after loads of posts I couldn’t be bothered.  I just didn’t have it in me.  I run other businesses and blogging was just a part time thing so whenI got home I really couldn’t find the inspiration to blog.

Sad right?

Yes a bit.  Sometimes I wanted to blog about sales, selling and sales coaching.  That is what I had been doing and I had loads to say.  Problem was I thought it wasn’t right to blog about how I use Personal Development in this.

Weird right?

It is but that is how I went about it.  For some reason I thought I couldn’t blog about sales and Personal Development even though I talked to clients about the need to have a Personal Development programme for their sales people!

Anyway, that is why I am thanking both Yaro Starak and Rosalind Gardner and Darren Rouse for their help.  I have purchased products from Yaro and Rosalind.  Yaro’s Blog Profits Blueprint and his members course is amazing.  The first affiliate marketing book I bought was Rosalind’s Super Affiliate handbook. Get it!

What I have finally got to is that this blog needs to show what I am interested in.  If you find it interesting then great!  So I am now going to blog about Personal Development and sales coaching and how personal development is key to your sales.

Look forward to some posts that come from me!