Can I really change my life?

When I speak with people about changing their lives, I often get responses that shows they don’t believe they can really change.

Why do people not believe?

What we can do is discuss some of the reasons why.

Typically it is down several reasons why.  If you took a list of things why people believe they can’t change their life you might get something like the following: –

  1. I am not clever enough
  2. I don’t know how
  3. I don’t have enough time
  4. I don’t have enough money
  5. I could never do that
  6. That all I was made to do

This list is likely to be much bigger but we have all probably used one of them at some point.

The truth is these are just excuses.  They are used so that we can keep away the real reason.  We don’t have to face the real reasons.

Fear and Belief are the real challenges.

Many just don’t believe they can turn their life around.  They are fearful of failure and that creates lack of action.

if you really believed you could change your life you would just do it.  Right?

Fear of failure means thats we don’t try.  We stop trying and then we stop believing we can do something.

It really doesn’t matter what the excuse is, we can achieve anything if we just believe we can do it.

When we believe we start to take action.  When you start to take action you start to believe more.

if you are looking at this right now and want to change your life then I would suggest you do one thing.  Write down some action that will get you towards what you want.  Then do it!  Don’ think about it just do it.

Taking that first action step will make you feel great and get you towards what you want.

Have you do that yet?  Come on…you can do it.

Go for it.