Financial Freedom – What to do first

Achieving Financial Freedom is possible if you know the basic steps that work.

There is no special skills needed. It’s just a process that you can follow.

So how do you achieve financial freedom?

On this article I am just going to talk about the first step.  This is probably the most important step. If we can’t get this one right then it is hard to get the others done also!

There is a great book called “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Classon.  In this book George says that you have to “pay yourself first”.  What does that mean?

Well simply, when you get paid or make some money take 10% of that amount and put it away. Save it and don’t spend it.  Simple?  Easy?

Try it.  You have to get some discipline to achieve this.  This is your store of money to build financial freedom.

This is the way to create financial freedom

When you do this it changes the way you manage your money.  You begin to develop a habit that looks after you first.  At first this might be difficult to achieve but once you have done it for a few months you will be able to live off the remaining money.  It trains you to live while saving.

Overtime you can start to save more.

I know this looks like a very simple thing to do.  And really it is.  But it’s also incredibly powerful.  Once you do this you will know that you can change you financial situation.  You will know that you are in the driving seat and that money does not control your life.

Start today

If you want to become financial free then start today.  Open up a savings account and start to put ten percent of your money away.  Perhaps you can set up an agreement that the money goes into your account as soon as you get paid.  That way you won’t even have to think about doing it!

Think about how much you could have saved over the years.

If you really want to speed up the process of achieving financial freedom then this Brian Tracy course might be want you are looking for.

His course The Unbreakable Laws of Money can help.

You can get financial freedom….

To your success


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