Amazing Self Launch with Mark Ling

Mark Ling and Amanda Selby are launching the Amazing Self programme.  I have not seen it yet but there is a lot of interest about it.

You can get a copy of the report they are are doing as a free giveaway.  Free Self Help report.

This is what the course is about: –

Amazing Self

The team at Amazing Self have been working hard on this launch for the last few months, and we are proud to say we have created a program that is, hands down, one of the most authoritative and applicable self-improvement courses available to you on the internet.

Amazing Self seeks to fine-tune and maximize your self-improvement in four key life areas: Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Mindset. It was not our goal to create and assemble a program that was only good, it was our goal to deliver the BEST self-improvement system available, and to that effect I believe we have done what we set out to achieve!

About Amazing Self

In a nutshell, Amazing Self is a self-improvement system of tips, tools, and techniques for improving the 4 key areas of your life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Mindset.

Buyers receive:

  • A monthly Amazing Self Magazine. This quality publication of life-accelerating articles and insights written by our team of authors is nearly 200 pages of inspiration and instruction per issue. Read, learn, and develop new ways to challenge yourself to set health, wealth, relationships, and mindset goals… and achieve them! Discover some of the life-changing mindsets of our authors who have achieved self-improvement success and apply their secrets to your own life!
  • An Amazing Journey Sessions Interview. You’ll be amazed at how each of these monthly interviews dramatically improves your outlook, equips you with the tool and tactics you need to thrive and opens up entirely new worlds of possibility.
  • The Abundant Wealth Series Video Series. Each month, you’ll join internationally-acclaimed wealth creation genius Mark Ling as he reveals the latest proven ways toeffortlessly attract and generate untold riches in your life as he shares two video presentations in each monthly installment.
  • Amazing Self Guided Visualization Mind Movies. Each month you’ll receive guided visualization movies, courtesy of Mind Movies to assist you in your goal setting and achievement. This is a powerful tool, utilizing the law of attraction in the same way that many successful entrepreneurs and high-flyers in life are!

How can Amazing Self be used?

  • Amazing Self is the ultimate self-improvement system that can be used to help you become your best self and achieve your life goals. The 4 key areas of life focus health, wealth, relationships, and mindset!
  • Use it if you are unhappy with where your life is going, feel you have settled for less than you are capable of, or just want to have a better relationship, a better body, better health, or be a more contented and positive person. Amazing Self is the system to propel you out of your comfort zone and show you tangible ways to achieve your life goals and go from strength to strength!
  • Use the Abundant Wealth Series to unlock paths to unlimited wealth in your life with wealth creation genius Mark Ling.
  • Use the Amazing Journey Sessions to delve into the self-improvement secrets of each new guest every month and discover their magic method to success!
  • Use the system and monthly issues to guide your thinking away from your limiting beliefs and towards new ways of tackling old problems. The results are fast and effective!
  • Use the Mind Movies to focus your positive thoughts as you face each day. By making this part of your daily routine, your goals and dreams will more quickly and effectively become reality!

Sounds good right?  As I said I have not seen it so I don’t know exactly what is in the course.  But you can get a copy of the free report they are doing.  Amazing Self.

If you do get a copy let me know what you think!


Wonderful Inspiring Personal Development Videos

I posted an inspiring personal development video this week and it got a lot of views.  So I thought I would do some more.

Over to youtube!  And then I searched online and found that Steve Aitchinson of Change Your Thoughts (A fellow British guy) has already made a great line up.

Steve blog is a great resource for Personal Development.  You can check out his blog here.

Steve’s posts is called 22 Free Personal Development Videos.  I haven’t watched them all yet but if Steve thinks they are good then I trust him.

As I said before part of your Personal Development plan includes inspirational things.  Anything that makes you feel inspired and ready to do more towards your goal.


Moved to San Diego! We did it!

Yes we did! (Not “yes we can” but I have to get into the mode of being in the USA).

After telling everyone we would move to San Diego we have done it.  I might add that lots of them didn’t believe we would do it.  I am not sure I did at times!  But having a Personal Development Plan is key!

Anyway, we are here and having a good time.  The weather has been on and off.  Raining a lot since I got here.

The locals say this is all the rain San Diego will get this year (but they said that yesterday also!).

I don’t believe them but it is nice of them to try to make me feel good.

So what now?

Well that is a great question! Well obviously I am sad to have left England.  My family and friends are there and I had business contacts.  However, those are not excuses to stay and they are not in my Personal Development plan either!

This has not been a mentally easy change but it also hasn’t been that hard.  Don’t get me wrong as I said I am sad to leave England but I am also really pumped about what San Diego will offer.  And that is how I have been looking at all of this.

When I was at the airport saying good bye to my parents it took all my strength to remember why I was doing this.  Nothing was going to stop me but I didn’t want it to be a unhappy thing.

I wanted the move to be happy!

Positive thinking helped.  Thinking about the adventure helped.  The possibility of meeting new people, taking on new challenges and learning cool new stuff (such as stopping at stop signs ALL the time – not so cool but I am learning it!).

For me this is a new adventure and I can make it as I want.  Kim is obviously very excited to be home.  She loves telling me how to drive (forgetting that I have been driving for 16 years), where to go, what things mean, how to pronounce places.  Have you been to Southern California?  Then you know what I mean.

I think this has actually been and will be a great lesson for me.  A lesson in believing in what I teach and tell people.  I say to people who need to change “Well you need to look at the positives in changing your life”  They know that is right but they are so fixed in their current life that any change is too hard.  For a while I have been in a steady thing.  Not really pushing past what I was doing.  My friends would say that isn’t true and that I have been really changing and doing lots of new stuff all the time but form my perspective it was all in my confort zone.

Ahh, the comfort zone.  How nice it is to be in it!

Or is it?  Well I don’t think so.

I think it is an really un nice place to be.  Why?  Well you are never really in “the comfort zone”.  You are either moving forward or back out of it.  So if you are not moving forward….you are moving back.

Do you want to be in reverse in your life?

No neither do it.  So don’t fall for that old trick.  There is no comfort zone.  There is just the place where you are about to move forward or back.  The comfort zone is not comfortable.  You just make do with what you have.

Can you be happy doing what you are doing?  Yes absolutely and that really is the goal.  Eckhart Tolle talks about this all the time.  Stop striving for the next great thing and just be.  Be at peace.

Ok more of that for another time.  This is about looking at positives.

So I would say to you.  If you are looking to make a change in your life and you are not sure if you should make that change then look at the positives of changing and not.  If the change has more positives to you then….well you have a decision to make.

That’s how I looked at this move.  There were a lot of positives to staying in England.  Friends, family and business but there were more exciting things in San Diego.

I can’t wait to make some great life changing positive things here in San Diego.

Here is a picture of Mission Bay that Kim took.  I will take some more pictures and post to this blog.

I am wishing you were all here to enjoy the sun (when it comes) and hope you have a great Halloween!


Inspiring Video to make you want to achieve!

Often when working hard I need a little inspiration.  Getting this from other sources (other than your own “Go on keep going”) is so important and should be part of any good Personal Development plan.

I have found youtube to be an amazing place to find inspirational videos.  While sitting at the whole foods market in La Jolla, California (Yes we moved to California! More on that soon) I just typed in “Inspiring video” into youtube and got a screen full of great videos.

This was one that really looked good.  As I am also into sport I thought you guys would like it to.  Have a look.  Turn off your phone, close your email and turn off the TV.

Also if you have a Personal Development plan (I hope you do) then this should be part of it.  If not download my Free success guide.

Listening to Personal Development while walking

I don’t always get the time to listen to all the personal development audio’s I would like.  Actually, I never have enough time as I always buy new personal development audio!


Anyway, what I do find works well is to listen to audio’s while I am running or walking.  Actually walking is ideal because you can actually think about what is being said.  I find when I am running my mind is on running!

Also, walking burns a lot of calories if you go for 30 minutes or more.  I did this video while in the UK.

Personal Development in 10 minutes?

Hi, I wrote and article earlier that was about using your time to achieve things you want.

I then did a video for my Youtube channel called “Personal Development in 10 minutes”.  Well it seems a lot of people wanted to comment on it.  So here it is for you!

What can Personal Development do for you?

Big question!  And I think the answer to that is  – lots!

It really doesn’t matter how you look at this Personal Development can be something that can really help you in life.

Let me give you an example.

This weekend we were filming for a DVD.  You know I am no expert in filming, sure, I do some video for this blog but I am not an expert at DVD etc.  Anyway, my Martial Art Sensei also runs a course for Kids called Little Samurai Warriors.  Well I thought it would be a good idea to get a DVD of this to help kids in schools with Self Discipline, Respect, team Work, Anti Bullying, Stranger Awareness and Voice control.  These are all things that Sean (The Sensei) teaches.

This was really my first go at being a Writer/producer for a production.  I wrote the scripts and organised the whole thing. I learnt what a producer does!

Anyway, there is no way I could have done it without using the Personal Development skills I have learnt.  Really, it wouldn’t have happened.

There are so many people involved in this project that if I didn’t know how to handle them it would have either never happened or been a bad production.

Here are the things that were needed for this project: –

  • Negotiation – Contracts, money, big asks!
  • Sales skills – Selling the idea, selling the people
  • Team skills – You need a team of people to do this
  • Communication – Getting the ideas across
  • Confidence – When to say no and yes
  • Belief – That it would happen.  And showing this to people

I am not saying it was all about me.  Not at all!  There were so many cool people helping to make this work, it’s just these were the skills I noticed I was using to get this done.  I use these all the time but this was something new so I noticed.

NOTE – I want to say a big thanks to Andrew the Director for doing a great job and for Sean for getting out of his comfort zone and not complaining about it!

Someone might be reading this saying “Yes but Sales skills is not Personal Development”.  Really?  As I see it when you learn something and it helps you then that is Personal Development.

I think there is a challenge in the Personal Development industry in that now we tend to think of particular types of book and cd etc as being Personal Development.  Instead of seeing anything that develops you are personal development.

If you go to a museum or a church and learn something…well that is Personal Development in my humble opinion.

I think the thought process here is that if you are always learning you can use what you learn to help you.  I know I try to do that as much as possible.

Imagine how much you could learn if you open your mind each day.

So what can Personal Development do for you?  Everything.  It is you, it’s you right now.

To your success.


How 15 minutes a day can change your life – Personal Development tip!

Pretty confident statement?  “15 minutes a day can change your life”

It is, but it is also true.

I have a fair amount of personal development blog feeds in my email reader.  The RSS feeds.  Basically I don’t want to always go to the blogs I just want to read articles from the good ones I like.  You can do the same by clicking on the RSS feed button on this site.

Why do I do this?  Well I have a busy life!  Just like you I don’t have time to go to each of the websites to read the information on them.  We are not the only ones.  More than ever people are busy and have less time.  I know the people who I work with are.  Businesses owners especially.They work hard, play hard and have little time for anything else.

If you have a family then you know how little time you get with them.  If you lots of time then I respect how you have done that.  It’s not just going to happen you have make it happen.

This is why I say that 15 minutes can change your life.  I talk to people and they say things such as: –

“I would love to change my life but I just don’t have time”

“I would love to lose weight but when can I work out?”


Well I am here to tell you that you don’t need a lot of time.  You just need 15 minutes.  Cool right?

Ok so let’s be frank about this, if you want to lose 150lbs 15 minutes a day isn’t going to be enough but you know what, it’s a start.  It will get your started.

So  why 15 minutes?  Well it is just enough time to actually do something and you should be able to find 15 minutes!

I started reading personal development books each day for 15 minutes.  That is what I was told to do by my friend.  He said “Just read for 15 minutes and see how you get on”  Well it became a habit I now do each day.

Here are some other things you can try for 15 minutes: –

  1. Plan your day
  2. Meditate
  3. Workout
  4. Read a book
  5. Listen to an positive MP3
  6. Read Personal development and self help blogs
  7. Go for a walk
  8. Write an article

These are simple things but if you do them then it can have a wonderful effect.

So if you have a goal and you don’t know where to start just do 15 minutes of whatever it is you want to do.

To your success, health wealth and happiness!