Brendon Burchard Total Product Blueprint training

Brendon Burchard is about to send out some great videos to teach how to create products and make money from them.  I have just watched the initial video and it is excellent.  You can check it out Total Product Blueprint

Brendon Total Product

Interview with Wendi Friesen

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Wendi Friesen.  If you don’t know Wendi then you are going to love this.  If you do know her you will know she is a great fun person who can teach us all a lot.

I talked to Wendi about a lot of things.  The Law of Attraction, Money, Subconscious, Sex!

What I got most from this interview was listening to Wendi talk about how our minds stop us from achieving.

My Brendon Burchard “Total Product Blueprint” Bonus

Brendon Burchard is about to release his new product “Total Product Blueprint”  If you don’t know who Brendon is…well he is a best selling author, coach and teaches people how to become experts in their field.

This next product, “Total Product Blueprint” could be the best one yet.  It is going to teach you how to create information products and programs then how to market them!

He is going to include scripts, templates and samples so all you have to do is follow the instructions.

If you are a coach, author, internet marketer, teacher entrepreneur or someone who has some information you think you could sell then this course could be for you.

My Bonus! Let me help you.

Before – This course will be an investment in you and before you put any money or effort into it I am going to offer you my help.  So here is my bonus.  BEFORE you buy this course I am offering you a free 30 minute call with me to determine if you will benefit from this course.

We will discuss your goals, what you want to achieve, how you are going to do it, what you want to earn, your niche, your value proposition.  Everything that will determine if you should invest in this.


After – If you decide to purchase the product I am going to help you implement it.  This includes: –

  • A 30 minute call with me to plan how to use Brendon’s info and get your project moving
  • Email support while you are creating the product.  This includes my list of people I use to get things done.  Designers, technical, Copywriters.
  • Once you have started I will then do another 30 minute call with you to help you.

So basically I am going to coach you along the process of working through the information.

Why is that useful to you?  Well I am already a coach, I have written eBook,s real books, I have websites, I have products on Clickbank and I know how to use the information Brendon is providing.

To get the first free call please fill out your information below.  All I ask is that you are serious to discuss your future.

Why my wife wants me to keep my mouth shut when talking to my wife about business

My wife just walked out the door nearly crying.  Actually she was crying.  Why?

Well I think I am probably to blame, ok ok, I am to blame.

So here is the reason.  She is involved in a charity which is awesome.  She is the Treasurer and manages all the money.  This is basiclaly like being a Director of a normal business.  They do awesome work for families and kids that has autism. You can check them out here.

Basically this is the first “business” my wife has been involved in outside of things I have done.  So it is a new experience for her.  Everything is new.  She is learning about making choices for the business as a Director and doing a great job of it.

However, this is where I need to keep my mouth shut!

Sometimes she asks me about something.  Could be something they are doing with the business and she asks me what I would do.  Ah that is the problem!  She doesn’t ask me that what she asks me is what do I reckon?  She doesn’t ask me what I would do.  But that is what I think she asks!

So I tell her what to do and she gets pived with me.  Understandable.

And I get annoyed because I think “Well why ask me if you don’t want to know”

The thing is that this small bit of miscommunication is the challenge.  I should realise that she isn’t asking me what to do.  She does what to know what I think but doesn’t want me to tell her what to do.

Is there a relationship you have that has a mis communication like this?  Maybe at work?  If so take a step back and see what the other person really is asking.



What I learnt kayaking around Point Loma – Kellog Beach to Ocean Beach

  1. That it was a lot longer than I had believed it was – Plan better
  2. It would have been easier to go the other way with the tide
  3. I didn’t plan on having to pee while in the middle of the Ocean in a Kayak

Ok ok, so I didn’t really have to worry about number 3 in the end (I worked that out) but it was interesting to do the paddle.


Well it reminded me of who I am really am.  Matt Belcher is a go getter, I love to challenge myself and often others.  For the last 6 months I haven’t really challenged myself physically.  Don’t know if that was because I have been feeling sorry for myself or because I have become lazy?

Anyway, point is this wasn’t some amazing feat.  It was nearly 5 hours of kayaking in the Ocean, while is a lot, not a crazy thing.

But I am so glad I did it.  Why?  Well it gave me a little kick start to get a life and start doing the things I like again.  My body reacts well to physical challenges.  I am a physical person.  Set a challenge and I will do it.

Why I have I never done a Marathon?  I don’t know but I should.  I guess the 125 Canoeing Marathon I did counts.

Just doing this little Kayak around Point Loma really has changed my pattern of thinking and I want to now do more.  I am thinking about doing the Catalina Classic.  That is twice the distance we did but I think I could do it.

5 years ago I would have said I could win it!

I am only 33 and already I let something set in that nearly made me into a lazy fat b*****sd.  What was it?  Laziness, that’s all.

What is stopping you?  Did you used to do lots of things physically that you don’t now?  Really why not?  What about emotionally or financially?

It is so easy to step into a rut and stay there.  Well get out!

Here are some pics of me and my father in law doing the paddle.


Sometimes you just have to get on with it. All that new age stuff doesn’t work all the time

I know I know, sounds pretty negative right?

Well I guess it might look that way but that is not what it is.

So here’s the deal, since moving to the US a lot of things have been going on.  Work, money, personal stuff.  I am not going to go into here but basically I realised that it has knocked me more than I thought it would.

I am not kidding myself that I am more immune to life’s little challenges than anyone else but I do think I can see what things are pretty clearly.  I was aware that things would be interesting when I moved and that there would be some challenges.  However, I didn’t notice how much it had affected me until I started witnessing some things I was doing.

That really is something that is difficult to do.  Once you can do that, witness yourself, then you can start to change yourself.

So now that I have witnessed some things I have been doing and not doing I can now start to change right?

Yes absolutely I can but what do I need to do?  Well here is the point of the post.  Sometimes you just have to get on with it.

I noticed that I am actually a little depressed.  I didn’t want to admit that because I do believe that once you admit it you are….know what I mean?

However, sometimes you have to admit you are something to then change.  That’s where I am.

So now I know I am a little bit depressed what should I do?  Meditate more?  Use Hypnotherapy more?  Work on my life goals more?

Yes that will help but right now I just need to get on with it!  I know what I need to do and I just need to do it!

Simple as that.  Sometimes there is no cosmic answer, sometimes the universe doesn’t give you an answer (unless it did and I do need to get on with it!?!?!?) you just need to work and get on with it.

So what does that mean for me?

Well I am starting a new businesses here in San Diego. More of that to come but basically instead of being depressed about starring another new business I just need to do the things.

It’s a slap in the face that I need.  Not kind words and coaching.

If you are in that slump, maybe you need to make a decision and just do it (Thanks Nike)


Do you want to be a fragile egg or a bouncy ball? (Go for the ball)




In my life so far I have done some interesting stuff.  Obviously I am not finished yet! But I am one of those people who is interested in almost anything that comes his way and some things that I go and find.

My wife goes mad each time I say “Oh babe, I am thinking about doing this now, it’s just a 2 year course”.  Cue my wife spending the next 10 minutes asking me why and how am I going to pay for it?

Cue me not knowing and looking at her with a puppy dog face.

In these adventures I have met some interesting people and different styles of the way people handle other people.  From Military, Sports, Big Business, Small Businesses, Political, Life Coaching, Therapy coaching I have seen how different people do things.

What I do think is interesting is that at first glance those who look like “Push overs” are often the most resilient.  They are bouncy balls not eggs!

Let’s define an egg

Eggs have hard shells.  They look like they would be very strong and if you push on the end of an egg it is.  But if you drop it on the floor you will probably find it has a soft centre.

Let’s define a bouncy ball

Soft on the outside.  Initially it looks like it could be manipulated easily.  If you drop it on the floor it bounces.

So what am I talking about here?

Well think about someone you know who is like the egg.  They are tough on the outside, look strong and have a shell around them that looks hard to crack.  Do you have someone in mind?

Ok so they might be your boss let’s say.  Well the thing is at some point that person will get to a point where they are dropped on the floor and they will spill their soft insides out.  They will be cracked and there is nothing they can do about it.

If you are a bouncy ball you don’t break.  You simply bounce.

The challenge is most people who are bouncy balls are considered weak by some.  Why?  Well they don’t come across as strong (apparently) they come across as weak because you can manipulate them a bit.  Just like a bouncy ball.

But, and here is the point, when the stress of life is on who do you think will do better?  The bouncy ball type person or the Egg?

I know the answer to that.

I used to be an Egg, I wanted everything my way, now I try and be like a bouncy ball.  The great thing is some people who I meet (who didn’t know me before) think I am a bit too easy going.  Ha!  Me easy going!  Wonderful.

So if you are finding that you want everything how you want everything, think about the egg and the bouncy ball.





The race – how to win from the back!

This is a great example of someone who isn’t prepared to fail. She is ready to win!

Life is like this. It knocks you down and you have to get up and run. Heather Dorniden did just that. See the video.

I was actually sent this by www.godtube.coom