Huna – Power of Healing

Do you know what HUNA is?  I dind’t until I was sent this video.  Huna is an indigenous approach to healing and spiritual development.

John Maxwell on leadership

Sometimes you just need to look under your nose for success

I had a meeting today with a really interesting guy who is running a business. I won’t go into what they do or his name just for privacy but he has a really interesting product that is doing well but could do really well.

He had been referred to me by someone else as they need some help with their marketing strategy and joint venture/affiliate process. Aside from this blog and other ventures my “day job” is working with companies to help them leverage the marketing opportunities online. This often means working with companies that have a good product but just need a more strategic approach to how they sell it.

So, there we were chatting about his business and I asked him some questions that are fairly normal. Then I made some suggestions about how they could make some changes that would bring in some money.

Well the conversation changed!

The ideas I gave him were not that amazing but he seemed amazed at them. In fact he said he would look at them right away.

The more we talked the more he seemed happy to look at them.

What is really funny about this is that I know this guy had looked at these ideas before. They were not that ground breaking and he is a clever guy so I know he would have thought of these.

So why had he not implemented them? Two answers. Fear of failing and being too busy.

Success was right under his nose but he couldn’t see it.

I think this is a common problem for many business owners. We are so focused on running the business, or managing customers, or looking after the bills that we miss some of the obvious things that could make our business amazing.

Our subconscious mind sees that we might fail and stops us from doing these things. While we are working hard doing other things we forget to stop and follow what we know could work. I often think I should do something in my business and argue myself out of it and let other things get in the way.

If you run a business I suggest you take an afternoon to really sit down and think about things you can do to make your business better. I know many will say they can’t take an afternoon but I would say to you that you can and should.

Ensure you cant be called or emailed and just sit and let your mind come up with ideas about you business. take some paper and make notes.

Now you have some ideas work on them and write down what you need to do.

You now have a plan!

I would love to know how you get on.


The secret to the 2 hour work week

After my article about  “15 reasons why you are not successful” I had some comments asking about what it takes to work less but get the same results.

To be frank, I am still working that one out as I am running so many projects right now that I couldn’t say I was doing that.  There is a great book by Tim Ferriss called the 4 Hour work week.  Excellent book and I suggest any business owner should buy it.  In this book Tim shows how he has achieved the 4 hour workweek and how any person can do the same thing.

I thought it best to let someone who is really working that week tell you how to do it.  There is a  guy I follow called Yaro Starak.  He makes a great income from his online business.  I learn a lot from Yaro and is one of the most honest and open guys in that market.

The Real Secret to the 2 hour work day

Take a look at this post.  It’s a great example of what you can do to achieve more in your week without working more.  If you like his post and want to know about how to make money online then resister for his free Blog Profits Blueprint eBook.

Go for your goals each day.


Why reading a Personal Development Book Everyday can change your life

Personal Development is like taking a shower a day….

In 2004 I didn’t really read books.  I read at school but once I left then I didn’t really think about it.

OK, I may have read a Raymond Feist Book once or twice like the Magician but I didn’t read to learn, only for enjoyment when I felt like it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to read.  In fact I had to read a lot for work.  I was consulting in the software industry and much of my time was spent either creating contracts or reading them.  Not much fun really.

I just didn’t see the point in reading.

Then something changed.  If you have read my story then you know I was in a pretty bad place when a friend helped me.  I was nearly bankrupt, about to lose my house, drinking heavily and did not have good relationships.  I was sad and unhappy.  After a good career in the software business I went into my own business and lost almost all my money, and some I didn’t have.

If you have ever been in the same place you know how it feels.  It make you feel ill.  That’s the best way I can put it.  Not only do you have no money but you still have to pretend that everything is fine to those who said you could never do it in the first place.  There is nothing worse than that person in town saying “So how is your business” and me saying with a smile “Oh fine”.

But really I just want to go home cry. Seriously cry.  Cry my eyes out.

It was at this point I was ready to learn something new, a new way of thinking.  Luckily for me someone was about to give me that new way.  He was a successful guy and knew that I needed something to make a change.

So what did he give me?

Well some personal development books.  Nothing “too deep” to start with.  You see he was smart, and he could see that I was the type of guy that would say “Oh I don’t need those self help books, they are all just crap anyway”.  So he gave me Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This is more business then “self help” and it was exactly what I needed.  Yes the book is excellent and it changed the way I see business but more than anything it got me in the mode of reading to learn.

That’s exactly what my friend wanted it to do!  Over the next few weeks he started to give me books that were more about looking at me rather than business.  Books like How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Magic Of Thinking Big, Positive Personality Profiles.  And it worked.  I started to change.  I started to see that many of my problems were just challenges and that I was causing them!

I also learnt that I wasn’t quite the amazing business man I thought I was (at 25!).

Then something great happened.  I started to find books to read, I couldn’t read enough!  In fact I think I can honestly say that for 2 years I must have read everyday for at least 10 minutes.  There might have been the odd day but however I felt I read.  It didn’t matter what time of day it was, before I slept I read.

This completely change me as a person and everything else changed with it.  My relationships got better, I met some great new people, I slowly got out of debt, I felt good about myself and I actually stopped drinking for 2 years.  I do drink now but back then I was alcoholic.

You see it’s not about NEEDING help from these self help or personal development books it’s just about realising that there might be information out there that I don’t know.  It’s being honest and realising we don’t always know everything!

About 2 years into reading these books I met an old school friend in town.  Obviously I was very excited about how these books had changed my life and I was very open about mentioning this to EVERYONE I met!

Oh well, boy did he have a different view!

He started off into this great big speech about how all Self help and Personal Development books are just brain washing and how they are just a load of crap.  I was really surprised at his reaction.  There I was just saying how much I have enjoyed them and here is was saying that I have been brainwashed!

Well, to be frank with you, I am fairly communicative myself when I feel like I should be and argued back that they are just there to help and you can take what works for you etc.  Not very Personally Developed!

Do you think he felt the same after our “conversation” or had I sold the idea of reading these to him?

Yes guessed right.  He went away thinking I was stupid and that those books were worse than ever.

By the way if you want to know what I thought about the brainwashing argument look at this post Personal Development Books are just brainwashing.

This wasn’t the only time I had someone tell me something just as negative.  It got me wondering why.  After thinking about this and talking to to others I came to the conclusion there it could be many things.  Mainly probably due to fear but also lack of understanding about what these books really are.

All they are is how to books, or information books.  Much like you get when you buy a new car or DVD player.  Really the are nothing more than that.  But they key is they are about changing your life not how to set up the DVD.

Have you ever read a text book on a subject?  Maybe for business or work?  Then that is exactly the same.

These books give you more ideas and knowledge about particular subjects only most of them are about people.

A new process

As I said, after about two years of reading every day I felt I had changed almost completely.  I was still me, just a better more happy me.  In fact many people commented about how different I was and for the first time in my life complete strangers would comment on how nice I was.  Isn’t that good!

Well I got a little complacent and stopped reading every day.  You can guess what I am going to say?

Things changed back a bit.  Not completely to where I was but I noticed myself slipping back into some of the old ways.  People would annoy me more, I wouldn’t be as “In the Present” as I would have like to.  Nothing like before but I knew I needed to reading again.

Is that a crutch?

No way, not at all.  It’s like taking a shower.  If you didn’t do it every day you would start to smell.  It’s the same with reading.  If you do a little a day your mind is always thinking about it.

We all have busy lives so we need the reminders that these books give.

That’s why reading everyday can change your life.  Just think if you could read 10 pages a day how many books you would read in a couple of months?

I know people who read a book a week and they are some of the most successful people I know.  I heard a very successful speaker once say: –

“Books give you knowledge, knowledge gives you confidence, confidence creates action, and actions creates results”

I know this is true as I have felt this myself.  I dare you to pick up a book and read everyday for 1 month and see how that changes your life.


Why you don’t have to spend hours setting goals

I am currently working on several projects.  Each one is taking up a lot of my time and if I think about each one too much they drive me crazy.

To keep them all on the boil I just have to make a to do list and be very good at going through what needs to be done each day.  If I sat down and started to “project manage” them too much then I think nothing would get done.

In a post I did the other day I said that you just need to “Start walking” towards your goals.  Rather than spend a long time “goal planning” just set what you know is roughly right and go for it.  Now I know for this post and the other one I will get some feedback from those who say that I just don’t realise the power of proper goal setting.  Well to those people I say you might be right but before you reply please know that I do understand why you should goal set properly and also how much you gain from doing it well.

I just think that many people spend a lot of time talking about and thinking about goals rather than doing things to make them happen.

I read a great post from Rosalind Gardner’s Blog.  If you don’t know Rosalind she is a super affiliate (someone who make a lot of money online) and someone who I follow to learn.  I think Rosalind has a great balance on her work/life and she certainly is a “go getter” in life.  She has just written a great post about managing different projects at once.  You can read that post here

What I like about this is her “to the point” approach to getting work done.  She marks out a 7 step plan which is almost exactly how I work.

You will see that she does actually mention “Make a plan” and “set goals” etc but she doesn’t say spend a long time doing this.  You see Rosalind is a successful person, she makes money, helps people make money and lives her own life.  What she knows is that you do need to go though the process but you also need to get off your backside and work.

That’s why if you asked me “What is the most important thing to do to achieve what you want?” I would say – “know what you want and just start walking today”.

Go for your goals and dreams.


“Just Start Walking” – What are your goals for the year?

Well, the new year is upon us!  If you are one of my readers or you are a success newsletter member then you know that I sent out a message before the new year saying that now is the time to set goals.  Well, I am here to tell you that I haven’t actually set my goals yet!

Well I have written down what I want to have as my goals but I have not worked out exactly what I need to achieve them.

Is that bad?

Well actually I don’t think so.  I also don’t think I am justifying my lack of actions either.

Should I worry?  No.

You see I think that much is talked about setting goals, how much time and effort you must put into them and how it’s a detailed process.  That seems to be the only way you can “properly” set goals.

Well I completely disagree. Actually I think the more time you put into setting goals the less time you have to go out there and make them happen!  Please don’t get me wrong here, taking time to set goals is important it’s just that many people feel that you have to spend weeks working out what you want and then what you need to do to get what you want.

I think if you need to spend all that time working out what you want you really don’t know.  Also it’s better to get moving towards your goal rather than spending time thinking about how you should do it.

“Just Start Walking”

I think that is the right way to do it.  Just start walking towards your goals.  Don’t worry about the detail.  You do need to know where you are going but you don’t need a detailed plan…yet.

I did a video on how you work out what you want.  You can look at that goal setting video and see that you can set a goal pretty quickly.

That is the key I think.  Don’t worry if you only have your goals written down but don’t have a plan.  Just start walking.

The fact is you will achieve much more if you do that rather than spending time worrying about what to do next.  Remember “Those who know how always work for those who know why”.

Go for your dreams and goals.


What is wrong with “The Secret” Movie?

If you watched the Secret By Rhonda Byrne and thought “That is excellent but how do I do all of this” then we said the same!

I really loved The Secret and it has helped many people see how powerful Personal Development should be but I felt that it didn’t have enough meat to it.  It didn’t give enough detail about what you have to do.  I also felt that it forgot to mention that you need to WORK to get the things you want.  You can’t just think about things to make them happen.

If you are working towards something and use the power of intention to then you will get that thing.  There are also times when you will be sent things you don’t expect….like cheques in the mail.  But, you have to be working also.

One of the most powerful ways to ask the universe to create what you want is to use visualisation.  One of the best ways, I found to do this is by creating videos.  That is exactly what the guys at Mindmovies have done!

Actually they have done some for you. Ready made visualisation videos you can use.  Ryan who runs the business has a great story too.

Check out this link to Mindmovies.  They are giving away some free videos.

As I said, this is only a part of it, but if you work and visualise then you will get things you want.