I want to be a salesperson. What do I do?


You are about to work in one of the most exciting and wealthiest industries there is!  But you are also about to get into one of the hardest and least rewarding.  That is why we need to talk about Personal Development!

Oh, not so exciting.

It is, don’t let my negative comment put you off.  Just be conscious of the fact that although selling is a great career it can also be very hard at times.  Good times and bad times, if you are ready for that then you are ready for your next step.

So what is the next step when learning to sell?

Well let’s assume you have never had a “sales” job.  If that is the case the first thing you need to do is get one!  Selling is one of those jobs where you don’t have to go on training first.  Notice I said “have” to go on training.  You can and it would help but most people just get into selling and learn as they go.  That is great in terms of how fast you learn but also tough in terms of how fast you learn.  Many people can’t handle learning like that.  If that is you then I would suggest doing some training first.

If you have never sold before it is most likely that you will want to look for a low basic salary sales job with a good commission structure.  Some jobs like this are Recruitment, Estate Agents, Window Sales people etc.  These are tough jobs but you will learn basic selling fast.  Probably what you will learn most is how to handle rejection.  More on that later!

It is very important to remember that if you want a career in Sales then getting a recruitment job is only to LEARN.  Earn to learn. Unless you love recruitment, know that it is only one step in your plan to becoming a wealthy sales person.

You have to start somewhere and those jobs will teach you sales very fast!  But, it is only one type of sales, there are many more.

When I first read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (note read if you have not) he said in there that he joined Zerox because they had the best sales training programme.  He knew he didn’t want to stay there but just wanted to learn from the best.  Well after a few years he was best salesman and left the company!

The point is he wanted to learn how to sell so he could have his own business.

So whatever your goal just know that your first and next sales jobs are probably just to learn.

Personal Development.  Your Personal development is really going to be the measure of your success.  I mean it.  The more personally developed you are the better salesperson you will be. Why?

Well I don’t actually think the best people who are sell actually sell.  I think they help people who want to buy.  The truth is you can’t actually make someone do anything.  You might be able to do some sales like this by being smart and using sales methods but really to be successful in selling you need to know how to deal with people.

I know people who can sell by being pushy.  But do people want to buy from them again?  No.  I know people who use manipulation methods that are similar to NLP.  Once the personal has bought from them they realise they don’t want the product. Personally, I have done that and the customer wanted to cancel the deal once they thought about it.

To really be a great salesperson you need to build rapport and trust with people who buy.  Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you sell mortgages.  One day you learn some cleaver sales methods, some manipulation.  A new customer comes in and talks to you about buying a mortgage.  Well you start to use these clever methods.  Clever ways to ask a question, clever subliminal methods.  The customer feels that you are doing something but doesn’t know what.  You make the sale and customer leaves.

Great!  No.

You see that customer knew you were doing something.  They knew you were applying pressure and consciously or subconsciously they didn’t like you.  Would they come back to you next time they need a mortgage or refer business?  Probably no.

How about this.  How about they come in and you work on being friendly, building rapport and giving good advice.  You don’t worry about the sale but instead want to do a great job.  They buy anyway and you chat about mutual people you know.

Do you think they would come back to you and refer yo to other people?  Yes. Ok so you could say that the first salesperson would make more sales. No.  You see they wouldn’t get any ongoing business.

The more high priced your product or service you are selling the more important this is.  I have sold many different things.  From low level software to high value consulting deals to ideas and joint ventures.  The more value in the deal the more important it is to know what is key.  And relationship is.

So that is why Personal Development is so important.  I tell my clients this.  I ask them if they have a Personal Development programme for their sales people.  Normally they say no as that is expensive.  But it isn’t!

One of the easiest ways is to read a book each week.  Buy Personal Development books on relationships, speaking, communication etc.

If you are looking to get a career in sales than you should do this!  My top book?  How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

You see the more you read about how to build relationships with people the more they buy.

So step here are the steps to follow: –

1. Start reading Personal Development books

2. Get a Sales job and learn as you go

That is it!

My blog is going to change! My thanks to Yaro Starak and Rosalind Gardner and Darren Rouse

Well it took long enough!

I have been doing this blog for about 2 year now and there was always something I wasn’t really happy about.  I put this up to talk about Personal Development in the desire that someone (at least one please!) would get benefit from.  I had read 100’s of Personal Development Books, listened to CD’s and been to loads of seminars.  I was and still am a walking talking personal development machine.

So it made sense to do a blog about that right?  Err no.

You see what I didn’t know as a blogging newbie was that to make a blog a success you need to blog lots!  And I mean lots!  or get someone else to do it but even then you still need to do it.  Now I am not one for thinking I knew it all but I thought I could blog about Personal Development enough to get lots of people to read my blog.

Well I did OK.  But not what I wanted.  I am definitely someone who wants to do well in everything he does and frankly my blog. this one!  Wasn’t doing as well as it should have.

Maybe my SEO was wrong?

Er, no dude.

I just wasn’t doing enough!  Not enough posts, not enough of me in the blog.  If you read any of Yaro Starak’s blog http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/ or Rosalind Gardner’s blog http://netprofitstoday.com/blog/ then you will learn that they always tell any newbie to blog about something you are passionate about.

But I thought I was passionate about Personal Development?  I was, am.  But I am also passionate about sales.  How to sell, sales coaching.  I do that with my clients so why wouldn’t I blog about it?  That, is a great question!

Well I didn’t so basically I posted about Personal Development and then after loads of posts I couldn’t be bothered.  I just didn’t have it in me.  I run other businesses and blogging was just a part time thing so whenI got home I really couldn’t find the inspiration to blog.

Sad right?

Yes a bit.  Sometimes I wanted to blog about sales, selling and sales coaching.  That is what I had been doing and I had loads to say.  Problem was I thought it wasn’t right to blog about how I use Personal Development in this.

Weird right?

It is but that is how I went about it.  For some reason I thought I couldn’t blog about sales and Personal Development even though I talked to clients about the need to have a Personal Development programme for their sales people!

Anyway, that is why I am thanking both Yaro Starak and Rosalind Gardner and Darren Rouse for their help.  I have purchased products from Yaro and Rosalind.  Yaro’s Blog Profits Blueprint and his members course is amazing.  The first affiliate marketing book I bought was Rosalind’s Super Affiliate handbook. Get it!

What I have finally got to is that this blog needs to show what I am interested in.  If you find it interesting then great!  So I am now going to blog about Personal Development and sales coaching and how personal development is key to your sales.

Look forward to some posts that come from me!


Do you act daily on your core values?

I know I don’t all the time.

It’s is something that I need to work at and probably you do too.  So what am I actually talking about?

Well your core values at what you believe in. What you really believe in.  They are what make you, well you.  Often you know what your core values are when in an argument.  They are the values you go back to when you feel like someone is challenging you.

But that isn’t really acting on core values daily.  That is something I really need to work on.  Let’s look at this from a day basis.

You probably know how it feels to have one of those mad days when you don’t even remember what you had planned.  Maybe you start by cutting yourself while shaving or your hair just looks funky, then you look at your emails and realise you need to reply before you go out the door.  Then whilst driving you get a phone call that lasts the entire journey to your meeting.  You are late, your client is calling and you remember you forgot the paperwork!


You have your meeting, the phone has been going and more emails have come in.  And, your client isn’t happy!

Your Blackberry vibrates and you know you are already late for the next meeting.

So you go a little bit fast when driving to the next meeting.  Actually you go fast.  Why not right?  You are good driver normally so why not this time?

Well as you drive through roadworks FLASH!  You get caught in a speed trap.

If you have had this happen then you know the anger that rises up.  “Why did I speed, bloody speed traps!”  You know the things you have said.

By why is this so annoying?  Well because you are normally a driver who goes on the speed limit.  At least you don’t go that fast.  It goes against your values to drive so fast.

Basic example?  Yes but it does show how not acting on your values can annoy you.  The more we do it the worse it gets.  Every time we don’t act on our core values the more it affects us.  Tiny events like this then make us feel bad about ourselves.

It’s like a constant little reminder that we are not as great as we thought we were.

Even if you don’t think this consciously, subconsciously it goes in.  You might even say things like: –

“What an idiot”

“Matt, you are a loser”

“Why did you do that?”

Great self talk!  Not.

You know as well as I do that self talk like this is not going to help at all.  Now what if we did this all the time?

Well that is what happens.  Our crazy lives means we are always not acting on our core values.  Small little things like getting a speeding ticket.

It becomes a process that we all do.  Interrupting people, being rude, not saying thanks, how many more?

We don’t slow down enough to think about those core values and act on them.

Part of my personal development plan is to work on this all the time.  To live with my values.  Not allow the challenges of life to get in the way of that.  It’s not easy!

The way to do this is to get some time when you are away from all the busy things in your life.  Sit down and write your values out on paper.  Then do this again a few days later.  What you will end with is a list that is pretty much your core values.  Your list will change as you change but the core of them will be there.

Now try and live your life by them.  See what you are doing in your life that is not inline with these core values.

Sounds like a simple process but it isn’t.  When you do this you can have amazing this happen in your life.

There is a great book by Hyrum W Smith called What Matters Most – Click on the link to see the review of the book.  Hyrum discuss how to find your core values and “What Matters Most” to you as a person.  It’s a great book and you will need a pen and paper!


Why I don’t bother setting goals all the time

I know I know,

Here I am writing a personal development blog and don’t believe in setting goals. Ah!  Perhaps I don’t know anything about Personal development.  If I did then I would be a big fan of goal setting?

Well no.  I am not.

I should probably say, before I am laughed out of the blogsphere, that I do goal set. But only now and again.

You know as well as I do that almost every Personal development book, self help CD and guru you have listened to on CD or watch on youtube says that you need to set goals.  So why am I saying don’t bother?

Because for most people, including me, doing that doesn’t work.


Yeah I said it, waste of time.

This blog was always about giving you Personal Development tips and advice that work and don’t take a long time to do.  I have always believed in simplicity and doing things that actually give you results.  When I started reading personal development books and listening to CD’s etc what I noticed was how complex most of the advice was.

Don’t get me wrong, it was great advice.  But wow, was it complicated.  I mean how many ways are there to set a goal?  It was almost like each one of these Personal Development guru’s wanted to be the smartest at goal setting. So they created complex ways to do it.

“First you need to do this, then you need to do that, then you need to visualise, then write down your goals, then set some dates, then, work out what you want then….”

And all you have to do is do this everyday for 6 months and you will have your goals!

Seriously that is how complex some of the goals settings methodologies are.

The challenge with this?  You never use them!  You might start with interest that you are learning a cool new way to set goals but after a week you are no further towards your goal and you are getting tired of doing the exercises.

Now if you are reading this and disagree, great.  You have probably found a way to set goals that works for you.  But can I ask you this? How much time each day to you spend on actually trying to get your goals?  I mean time doing things that will get them?

Again this is the problem with most goal setting methods.  They are complex, require too much time and most people spend more time doing them than actually working towards the goals.

Come on, you know this is true.  Most of my clients think I am mad when I talk to them about this.  They think I don’t know what I am talking about.  But then they start to see the logic in it.  Rather than mess around with your goal setting just pick a goal you think you want to achieve and go for it.

Yes I know.  I know that this could potentially dive you down a way that you don’t want to be.  But better to be moving right than thinking?

So what do I do when goal setting?

Well I believe that we all think about our goals and dreams enough to know what we really want.  The challenge is that we don’t dare to dream enough or block these out.

Well firstly I use my Magic Little Goal Tip.

The once I know what I want I just do it!  Everyday I make sure I am doing something towards my goals.

Sounds simple right?  It is.

Give it a go and see what you achieve in a month.


Love animals? Don’t eat them!


If you have been reading this blog for a couple of years you might know that I have become a Vegan, well Vegetarian.  I am trying to be Vegan but just can’t stop when there is cheese to be had!

(Just to mention – this is not a bash at all you meat lovers out there, I used to be one too)

What this is though is a comment on how I now see eating meat.  This blog is about Personal Development and I see my choice of diet part of that.  Personal Development isn’t just about reading books by the great names, it is about applying the information and changing your life.

So here is the thing.  I am an absolute animal lover.  I mean I really love animals.  I always have even as a kid but didn’t really realise it.  We had pets when I grew up and they were great fun but it never really clicked with me that I was an animal lover.

We had a dog called Esta.  She was a rescue English Bull Terrier.  She was great fun.  Clearly she had been abused but once she got into the house and felt comfortable she was a great dog.  She and I had a really good relationship and she always wanted to be with me.

So why did I also eat meat?

This is what I can’t work out.

If I loved animals so much then why did I eat them?  Weird isn’t it?

I mean I wouldn’t eat Esta.  That would be very weird.  So why did I eat Cows, Chickens and Pigs.  Without even thinking about it?

Obviously I do have an answer for this otherwise I wouldn’t have written this post.  Nothing worse than a blogger posting a post that has no reason to it!

It is absolutely craziness to me now that I used to eat meat.  But I know why I did it.  It is because most of us (and yes I do mean you) have no idea where your meat comes from or what they have to go through to get into your dinner.

I didn’t and a lot of people don’t.  You wouldn’t put your pets through what farm animals have to go through.

Yes yes, I know there is the argument about we have power over animals and we have always eaten them.  That all might be true but if you wouldn’t eat your cat or dog then why would you eat a cow?  A chicken?  Did you know a pig is believed to have more intelligence than a dog?

They feel pain, fear, sadness.  Just like when you shout at your dog.

So what am I really saying here?

Just that once I became a Vegetarian I realised what I had been doing all along.  It was congruent with my core values as a person.  Ahh the real reason for this post!


My actions were out of line with my core values and that was affecting me.  Now I feel much better about my diet.  Not just the health benefits but also that I am in line with my values.

That is so important.  Busy lives make us miss our core values.  I am so guilty of this.  That is why i have to make myself work at making sure I am inline.

What about you?  Are you in line?

Speak soon.


An easy way to get more customers for your small business

It would be great if all you had to do was open a shop, website or business and new customers would just walk in the door (or website). But alas it doesn’t work like that!

Oh how we wish it would!

Ok, so there are a few times when you just put up a website and someone just happens to see it and buy something from it. But how many times have a I have that happen? None. You might have.

This is one of the biggest challenges any small business owner faces. How to get people in the shop to buy.

If you have opened an actual retail store then this can be an expensive way to go. If you have built a website then at least that is pretty much your only expense. Just having a web business gives you the opportunity to try things out and not spend all your money. That said when I was selling software some of the companies I sold to would spend £Millions getting their websites right.

As a small business owner it is easy to spend £10,000 before you even know where it has gone! The truth is you don’t have to if you know what you are doing.

So let’s just look at the online area of this.

Let’s say you have a website, you have paid a development company and designer to create something fantastic. All your friends and family say it looks nice and you are pretty pleased with yourself. [Read more…]

Should I start a business? It’s a way to go

This is a great question!

I can answer that for you.  No.

If you are unsure about starting a business then I would say don’t.  I know that is a direct way to answer but if you are thinking about starting a business and not sure then you probably don’t want to.

Shock!  Someone speaking their mind and speaking the truth.  Well maybe, or perhaps you think I am wrong?  Either way I knew that when I was working for someone else I wanted to be my own boss.

I didn’t really care what business to get involved in, I just knew I had to be involved in a business where I didn’t have a boss.

For the last 5 years I have worked for myself.  I have lost money and made some money but it has been without a boss telling me what to do.


Well not quite, I still have clients and do work when I would rather be cycling but you get message.

The thing is if you don’t already know if you should start a business then really do you want to?  I mean do you really have a reason to start one?

If you are asking that question then I would like to say that you need a reason first.

Starting a business isn’t about getting all the detail things right, it’s about getting the why first.

However, often the WHY isn’t that clear and you have to work it out.  I understand that!  Sometimes I sit here and think “why am I doing this”.  But even if I have had a crap day I know that it is not as bad as having a boss.

Don’t get me wrong!  There are many people who have a boss, make more money than me and are very pleased with this.  They would never want to be their boss.  That is wonderful.  But not for me.

So if you want to know if you should start a business, think hard then make a decision.


The 7 things you need to do when starting a franchise

I am working with a couple of business owners who are looking to take their businesses to the next step.  They asked me to look at Sales and Marketing but as these things normally go I get involved strategically.

What I noticed is that they hadn’t realised that their business wasn’t systemised.  It isn’t able to scale and will require them to be working it if they wanted it to go bigger.  The challenge is that they are already working as much as they can on it.

Franchise came to mind….

They hadn’t thought about that in terms of using this as a way to get them more time.  They are not alone, many think that doing this creates more work. But, the whole thought process behind setting up a franchise is that you create a business that can work without you!

I thought I would outline the 7 things you need to know before starting a franchise.  If you have a business that you think could be a franchise then you should look at these first: –

  1. Be absolutely clear what your business is about before you even start to do the work.  You should be able to explain this to someone else.
  2. Can your business be franchised?  Is it something that would work?  If you don’t know you can use a company that will be able to give you the advice. www.instant-sales-solutions.com This is my consulting business.
  3. Create a flat packed version of your business that will be the basis of the template
  4. Test these template versions of your franchises.  If these don’t work you need to start again
  5. Know that you are now the owner of a franchise and not a business that you need to be working in
  6. Give the franchisee great help.  Customer support is now your business!
  7. Multiply!  Go for it…if it works don’t be afraid to do it

If you want some help with this and you are in the UK or California you can ask my consulting company to help.  www.instant-sales-solutions.com