The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Independant Review -If it’s true that strategies are like recipes, then this wonderful book by Stephen Covey holds the recipe for success. A key word right in the title is “habit” not The 7 “suggestions”, [Read more…]

The Present

The Present

Independent Review -To fully understand and appreciate this book, you must be ready for it. A strange thing to say, you think. I appreciated this book except for the constant intonation of the word “Present”.Unfortunately, I find myself mentioning the word many times in the writing of this review. I have to do it, I can’t help myself. This would be a five star book if I could think of a way to avoid using “Present”. I can’t so this is it. [Read more…]

What to Say When you Talk to Yourself

What to say when you Talk to Yourself

Matt says -VERY powerful indeed. You need a bit of an open mind to read this but once you get the message and use the techniques Shad is discussing you will find it will have a very positive impact on your life. [Read more…]

Positive Personality Profiles

Matt says -Just a wonderful book!  If you have been through any corporate training or “people skills” training then you may have come across some similar knowledge or skills that are taught in this book.  Dr Rohm says that we are all a mix of 4 main personality styles .  At first it’s hard to believe but once you start reading it becomes instantly obvious which personality style you mainly are. [Read more…]

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Matt says -This book will ALWAYS be the book that made me see the world in a different way.  At the time of reading this I was running a company and had been working in London selling high level software and IT consultancy so you would think I had some decent business sense?  Well I guess I did but once I read this book all that changed.  [Read more…]

Walking In Your Own Shoes

Walking in Your Own Shoes

Independent Review
-This book shows how faith is not a concept but an active thing! In it
you learn how, with faith, you have permission to be your own person,
not an imitation of someone else’s’ life. Every chapter begins with a [Read more…]

100 Secret Strategies for Succesful Investing by Richard Farleigh

100 Secret Strategis for Successful Investing

Matt says -Interesting book. It starts off giving some background into Richard’s life and how he got to where he is today.  It doesn’t really give you any “how to’s” but more guidelines about the mentality of investing.  [Read more…]

Screw it, Let’s Do it

Screw it, Let’s Do It

Matt says -Fun, good read and has some great insight.  Certainly not a deep book but good fun all the same.

To sum up –Light-hearted but has some great information in it