Robert A. Schuller


The Reverend Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller was born in Blue Island, Illinois in 1954.
He was raised in California and graduated from Hope College in Holland,
Michigan. Throughout his childhood and adolescent years, he actively
participated in the Garden Grove Community Church, later known as the
Crystal Cathedral.

Following his ordination, Robert A. Schuller founded Rancho
Capistrano Community Church at the Crystal Cathedral’s south campus in
San Juan Capistrano, California.  During these years, he developed the
fundamental nature of his hallmark “Possibility Living” ministry.
“Possibility Living” champions a Christ-centered lifestyle with focus
on mind, body, and spirit.

On January 22, 2006, Robert A. Schuller succeeded his father, Dr.
Robert H. Schuller, as the second senior pastor of the Crystal
Cathedral Ministries and its internationally televised “Hour of Power”

An accomplished author, Robert A. Schuller has written 13 books, including most recently, The New York Times best-selling, Walking in Your Own Shoes.


Walking in Your Own Shoes

Independent Review
-This book shows how faith is not a concept but an active thing! In it
you learn how, with faith, you have permission to be your own person,
not an imitation of someone else’s’ life. Every chapter begins with a
story about a real persons struggle to reconcile or overcome their own,
or someone’s expectations. These stories and the lessons they teach are
relevant to everyone’s life. That, with faith, each person can find
their true calling and achieve the success they are meant to receive.
This is a truly inspiring book that should be on everyone’s reading

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