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The Field Lynne McTaggart

Hi, I have just been reading The Field by Lynne McTaggart.  This is a wonderful book.

If you are interested in Intention, Law of attraction and Quantum Physics then this is a book to get.  I have never read such a well put together history of Quantum Physics.  Nor have I read anything that brings together Spiritual teaching with Scientific.

Check the review.  You can get a copy of it here

Guest Article – Ensuring Your Victory: Your Morning Strategy of Success

By: Diana Fairbrother

Early on in my recovery from Vicodin addiction, I quickly discovered there are largely two types of people who navigate this precarious path to freedom from painkiller abuse.  The first group spends a large percentage of their time swimming through a riptide of roadblocks and struggles, rising out of bed each morning with the sole intent on making it through the day without relapsing.  This was how I lived my life in early recovery; “white knuckling” sobriety with bouts of fitful exhaustion.  Predictably, this often resulted in the relapse I was so desperate to avoid.

Then there are the other folks.  These are the ones you see on television, radio programs, in churches and running marathons.  They are often the recovering addicts that run our outpatient support groups and it isn’t until they share their story that we realize that they lost everything to addictions at one time.  They say they are happier now and you look at them and it is obvious they mean it.  It’s in their clear, bright and focused eyes.  Not only do they serve as an example to others on how to live a joyous life, but they often coach and mentor others who never even experienced painkiller addiction (we all know it isn’t only people in recovery profoundly unsatisfied with their lives).  What those who succeed have is something everyone wants: happiness and strength from within and a perpetual ability to appreciate life, set and achieve goals and serve others along the way to personal self fulfillment.

I strongly believe that inside the recovering addict and all people is a deeply held desire to move from whatever their station in life is to one of service, grace and ability to give this gift to another who is suffering.  There isn’t anything more satisfying in life – living a life so victoriously that you can easily take your mind off yourself and devote your mental resources to giving to others.  Yet, the challenge remains: How does one move from personal struggle to strength and service to others in need when one has all they can do to stay clean?

Personal development and personal strength is the catalyst to that gift.  Once that is achieved, you are well on your way.  It starts with each and every day you maintain a clean life, free from your addiction. I have found that the best way to fortify yourself is with a mind that is clear and rested and there is one time of day when the table is set and the meal that will be your day is served: Morning.  You can have your day served on an aluminum T.V. dinner tray month after month while you play out the same inner dynamic endlessly.  Or you can truly feast on a different lifestyle, a medley of various tastes and textures each and every day.  You are the one setting the table.  At no other point in the day is your path more fully determined than when you first arise in the morning.  Sure, you can correct course along the way if faced with destructive attitudes, but it is much more difficult once your mind is already populated with wrong thoughts if that’s what it was fed first thing in the morning.  Your mind is a crisp and clean vessel just waiting to receive its marching orders for the day.  It is not only advantageous and an amazing opportunity for success, but it is risky to leave the mind empty for any erroneous thought that can manifest. This crucial point in the day can be summed up perfectly:

24When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.

25And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.

26Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

Luke 11: 24-26

This passage is brilliant and fitting.  As we know, addiction is progressive, usually each relapse worse and more devastating than the first.  After the initial stage of recovery, the physical withdrawal, often one is left with a vacuum of sorts, an empty void which was previously filled with the obsessive addictive thinking.  Once those time-consuming activities no longer fuel your entire thought process, the task at hand is to fill that inner void and with a mental landscape quickly but with quality energy, so when you find yourself in the midst of a moment of weakness, you don’t relapse.  However, if you do, you will have the mental fortitude to get back up right away and keep going, lest you relapse “seven times worse than the previous time” :

[Read more…]

Three tips to a great morning that can change your life

I have to admit I am not the best in the morning.  I am not the “Lay in bed for three hits of the snooze button” type of person but I am actually something much worse.

That is, the person who as soon as I get up I want to start doing tasks.  Reading email, posting to this blog, getting ready for the day.  So much so that sometimes the last things I do at night are think about what I have to do in the morning.

That sucks and is not the good way to start your day. It is not congruent with Personal Development Plan either.

Sure I get a lot done, but I also miss out on all the great things you can do in the morning that can change your life.

If I don’t train myself to stop doing this that is basically how my mornings go.  Now, however I have a new morning routine which has changed my life.

Instead of checking email on my Blackberry, opening my laptop, reading email again, replying to email, surfing the web, writing an article for this blog, checking on business I ignore all of that until I have done either one of three things:-

1. Gone for walk

2. Meditate

3. Workout

That is it.  That is my Personal Development morning plan.

It looks simple but it changed my life.  Why?  Well it stopped the constant thinking about what I have to do and gives me time to just “be”. To just be in the present moment and not worry about the future.

Worrying about the future is one of the main challenges we have in “modern” society today.  I say modern but actually I think we are less advanced in some ways than our ancestors.

If you have kids then you will know that your mornings are busy.  That is great and you can’t just stop being a parent but you can ensure you get some time to yourself after the kids are sorted.  Baby, gone to sleep?  Then this could be your chance to get some proper relaxation time.

One of my neighbours has two small kids.  I see her most mornings with the pram out in her walking gear.  She walks with the kids and is also getting some fitness done.  She may not know it but she is also giving herself some personal time to contemplate and relax.

I would love to live with Tibetan Monks for a year and do all the things they do.  Be disciplined, work hard, have tasks, focus the mind, ignore the busy modern life.  But really I don’t live in that world.  But we can learn from that.

If you are finding that all you do is think about what to do next next, then stop.  In your Personal Development plan put in some time for you.  The best is in the mornings.  Change your morning routine and change your life.

I used to work in London and had to get an early train to work.  I wouldn’t have been able to get up earlier (that is what I thought at the time).  Well, great, I had 25 minutes on the train that I could have used to meditate.

Make a change and watch how this changes your life.

Your Personal Development is not just about what you do after you start work!


Personal Development and Animals?

Yes!  Personal Development and animals and important.

Part of my personal development plan is to embrace things in the world, to stop and notice myself, the environment, what is in it.  Essentially being in the present as much as possible.  As Eckhart Tolle would say “Being in the now”.

Animals are always in “The Now”.  They don’t worry about the past and the future they are just living in the moment and only thinking about that.  They have no Ego as such and what you see is the spiritual them.  Weird concept?  Not at all.

We have a cat,  Treacle.  She knows when we are feeling ill.

Do you have pets?  Then you know what I am saying.

A friend of mine runs a great blog and she wrote an amazing article about how her pets helped her get better after an addiction.  Take a look at the article here.

Animals and Recovery an invaluable gift

You see what Diane realised is that animals can feel emotion.  We can but our Ego gets in the way.  Busy Ego.

If we were just to slow our lives we would be able to feel just like animals do.  That is why you should always treat animals with grace and humility.

Part of my Personal development is to get more in touch with life.  This means getting out in Nature and just enjoying time with animals.  I love Treacle and talk to her all the time.  She is a cat and I realise that but she is also a spiritual being.

If you need some help in Spiritual aspect of your Personal Development then spend some times with animals.


Lynne McTaggart and the Zero Point Field

I did and article about the Zero Point field last week.  Well I wanted to actually show you the author of the book.  Lynne McTaggart.

Here book really has changed the way I believe things.  I actually always believed in this but couldn’t explain it or verbalise it.  What Lynne has done is shown me why.  Here is a video of her talking about the field and how it works.

What is the Zero Point field and why should you care?

The Zero Point Field is something we should all care about.  Some call it the Matrix, some call it the unified field.  I prefer the Zero Point field term because physicists have shown that is does exist.  I would even go so far as to say if you have a Personal Development plan you need to put the Zero Point Field into it.

So what are we talking about here?

Well I am no physicist but I do love to know about this sort of thing.  It pushed the boundaries of “Believe and Achieve” or “what you think about most you get”.  It takes me into thinking about how just thinking can change my life.

If any physicist is reading this then please forgive me for my incorrect terminology.  For anyone else…well you won’t know the difference!

I have just finished a book by Lynne McTaggart called “The Field”.  It is an amazing book, I mean really amazing.  What Lynne has done in this book is showed the scientific proof intertwined with the spiritual beliefs and teachings that we are all connected in a field of consciousness.

The best part about all of this is if you have read any spiritual teachings then you know that is true!  It is what these teachers have been saying for 1000’s of years.  But now, we have scientific proof.  We have evidence that can’t be fluffed away.  It’s scientifically proven!

The funny thing about this is that if you are reading this and have been following a spiritual path for a while you won’t need scientific proof.  You KNOW it is right.  But the rest of us do need some proof.

I really hate to say this but in some part of my soul, I like the fact that scientifically it has been proven.  This is because I have been brought up in the modern world and conditioned.

An example would be when having a discussion with someone about this I find it hard to get my point across using spiritual examples.  It is easy to come back with “Well that is what they believe so for them it is real”.  See what I mean? [Read more…]

Personal Development Fitness

There was an interesting article this week about walking and the positive it can give you.

The start of it said

cancer research charity estimates that 10,000 cases of breast and bowel cancer could be prevented every year in the UK if people engaged in more “brisk walking” or were generally more physically active every day.

That is a pretty powerful statement!  I had a particular interest in it as over the last few months I have noticed how important putting physical fitness into my Personal Development Plan is.  I mean IMPORTANT!

I have always been someone into fitness.  Actually there have been times when I have been very fit.  Currently I am not and am a little bit fatter than I would like! I still run but I don’t do enough and I only do weights a couple of times a week but I am the sort of guy that you can tell plays sports etc.  Does that make sense?

This is why I need activity in my Personal Development plan.

Anyway, I have noticed that my work load has got more and this means I have had less time for fitness or activity.  This obviously has an affect on my physical look but it has more of a negative impact on my mental state.

I think this is actually more important.

How you are feeling mentally about your physical state is just as important as your physical state!  Now please, I know if you are 250lbs and not muscular and think that is OK, well it is not.  You are most likely to be over weight and in risk of many ailments.

What I am saying is that for the average person feeling like you are doing something with your body is as important as actually being fit.  When I don’t do any fitness for a few days it really affects me.  I get depressed and very negative about things.  It has taken me a long time to realise this.

At first I just thought it was because I gained a little weight, but actually it is because I am not doing anything to improve.  I hate that.

If you have ever read the Robert Rohm Personality profiles then I am a D I mix.  This means I am driven and people orientated.  I want to always feel like I am improving.

What I have come to realise is that I don’t actually need to be doing some really hard workout, I just need to be doing something!

I think that is what this cancer research outlines.  That actually just some small activity can help you physically and mentally.  After all your brain has power over how healthy you are.  It is a psychoneuroimmunology thing.  If you are interested in this read Candace Pert’s book.

Or you can read my Wife Blog about natural weight loss tips.

So when you are doing your Personal Development plan, think about including some physical activity.  It’s not just stuff for your mind!


Dr Wayne Dyer – How to get what you want with Deepak

This is a wonderful audio from Dr Wayne Dyer.  I have this on CD but you can get most of what they are talking about from this video.  He is doing a seminar with Deepak Chopra.

My Personal Development learning has been more focused at this type of information for a while now.  You could say more spiritual focused.  I have been reading many books by Deepak Chopra and listening to audio from Dr Wayne Dyer.

What I like is that these guys talk straight.

Leave a comment if you enjoy the message.