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Derren Brown shows how Subliminal messages in ads influence minds

I am from the UK and loved watching Derren Brown.  I don’t think he is that well known in the US?

This is a great video of Derren Brown showing how subliminal messages can influence us.  if advertising executives can be manipulated in this way what about us?

Well this is why I love to use subliminal messages so much.  Anyway, enjoy!

How to use Subliminal message audio in a Personal Development plan from Realsubliminal

It has been several years now since I started using Subliminal messages to help me in my personal development.  I use it now without thinking and the other day I realised it has become something I do often as part of my Personal Development plan.

That is pretty incredible considering when I first considered using subliminal messages I thought it was wacky and a bit “new age”.

Maybe it is I don’t know,  but what I do know is it works!  Using subliminal messaging works and I suggest you incorporate it into your Personal Development plan.


Well that is the fun part.  Now with so many great places to get Subliminal messages you can choose from many.  I prefer to use  I find there stuff really well made and they have exactly the sort of subliminal messages I want.

The “Become a writer” one has been played on my MAC while I have been working so many times now.  It is great to listen to.

How it works

Well basically most of the audio’s are 30 minutes of a specific noise.  Could be the sound of waves, jungle etc.  You can’t hear it but someone is speaking on the audio saying the subliminal message.  Such as “I am a writer” “My writing is published”.  Those might not be specific messages but you can read what is said when you go to the website.

What is great is that you can just either listen to them at home, in the car or while running.  Pretty cool right?  You can be training your brain while you are doing other jobs. It is a great use of time.

I love the fact that I can listen to these subliminal messages while I am doing another job.

If you are in doubt about whether these work, just read this post. I can tell you this from my personal experience.  When I listen to the “Become a writer” audio a lot I do more writing.  Work out from that what you will but for me it says it is working.

I also use the “Photographic memory” audio.  Has this worked for me?  Again I say yes.  I do think I have improved my memory to just look at something and get it.  Have I properly tested it?  No but I believe in it enough to buy more. have loads of new audios and you can even use their site to make your own message.

The thing to remember here is that these won’t make you do something unless you want to do it.  They are just audios that will help you.

Some people are also worried that subliminal messages will make you do things you don’t want to do.  Again they only help prompt you.  So the the “Become a writer” subliminal message works for me because I want to be a writer (I am already but I want to write more!).

So if you want to see if these will work for you go to



6 Things that tell you you are in the wrong

Have you ever had that feeling that you are in the wrong?


What?  Yes you have come on.  We all have.  If you are a human being then you know what I mean.  Thinking about it, our cat knows she is wrong too.  When I tell her to get down from the counter she does a quick look and gets off.  Then looks at me as if to say “What me?  Did something wrong?”

So somehow we tend to know when we are in the wrong.  But, and this is the “but” we all need to know, there are times when you don’t know you are in the wrong.

The time when we can’t see why the other person can’t see our point of view.  “What’s wrong with this person?” we often say.  Well….not much!  Sometimes it’s you!

Yes I know, that you are perfect and you don’t know how you could possibly be wrong but sometimes, well I am going to say it, you are.

Me too.

Now I am supposed to be Mr Perfect right?  I run this blog about Personal Development so I should be personally developed to never be in the wrong?  That would be awesome.  A shame then that I often find myself in the wrong.

The challenge is knowing when we are in the wrong.  How to notice it and then do something about it.  Well I am going to do another article about that but for now I wanted to write about how to see that you are in the wrong.  So the following 6 things are all little signposts that are there to let you know you are in the wrong.

1. Others don’t agree with you when you ask them what they think

This means when you ask a friend if they agree with you or the other person you are having an conversation with then don’t say!  Your friend is being kind but really you are wrong.

2. You find yourself in an argument that you are not sure how you got into

If you find yourself in an argument that you are not sure how you got into then this can mean you are in the wrong.  You might have upset the other guy and they have not taken it well.  I find most people only into an argument when you or they are in the wrong.

3. People stop listening to what you are saying

People stop if they know you are in the wrong.  WHy would you listen?

4. You find yourself defending your opinions and trying to work out how to prove your point

You should be listening to the other person rather than trying to win the conversation.  If you are doing this then you are trying to win the conversation rather than understanding the other point of view.

5. You don’t understand why they can’t see your point of view

This is a good sign that you are in the wrong.  We always think we are right but sometimes we are not!

6. You feel wrong

You know what I mean.  You just feel wrong.

So if you feel any of these signposts during a conversation, stop and think about the other person.  Have you said something to upset them, something out of context etc.  It is easy to do.

I also created the video to explain the points a bit more.

To your success – Matt

Brendon Burchard Experts Academy Video. Is it any good?

Brendon Burchard is the “Experts Expert”. What does that mean?

Well he helps people become experts in their field and make money from it.  The great thing about Brendon is that he actually walks the walk and focuses on helping people to make money rather than just money!

I want to say now that I have not seen this course so I can’t give you an honest review of the quality of the Experts Academy course.

That said, if it is anything like what he has given out for free then it will be well worth it.  Also a lot of peolpe say his stuff is excellent.  So if you are an author, trainer, coach etc or want to be then I would recommend at least getting his free stuff.  Seriously it is that good.  I have learnt a lot.

Here is a video he created.  I talk a bit before but the rest is from his video.  I couldn’t load it all because Brendon has done a 30 minute Video on Experts Academy and youtube won’t let me do one that long.  But you can get the basis of what he teaches and if you like it you can see the full video Brendon Burchard experts academy

Tony Robbins Video – Tiny changes means huge results

Tony Robbins gives some great advice about how a little but of effort each day can make a difference in your life.  It is only the small changes that can make a big difference.

In keeping with the theme of my posts this month, I thought this would be a great video.  If you haven’t already see the video I did on Personal Development in 10 minutes a day then take a look!

Do you like Tony Robbins?  Some don’t like his style but his message is always worth listening to.

Personal Development in San Diego

As I have already posted about the move to San Diego I won’t say much here….so here is my first video.  Not really about Personal Development but it is about San Diego.

What is it about admiring people who we shouldn’t

My friend and fellow blogger Diana from 4th Voice has written a wonderful article about admiring people who we shouldn’t.  And you know what, she is so right.  You can read her article Why do we Admire the Ridiculous?

Ok, so maybe Diana has a little thing about celebrities (Diana do we need to talk!?!?!?) but the concept in her article is absolutely correct.  You know as well as I do that the our communities need more real people to admire.  Our kids need people to look to, adults need that, we all do!

And more than anything we need to be those people.  That is one of the greatest lessons I have be taught.  That if I want to make a change then I need to change.

If I think there needs to be more people for other people to look up to in this world then I need to be that person.


No, just the facts.

We all need to step up and be the person we think others should be.  There is someone I know who is exactly the type of person who steps up.

He isn’t perfect as none of us are but he steps up and is a mentor to children and adults.  He doesn’t speak on stage, is not on radio or on TV but he is a hero to many.  He is my Martial Arts instructor from the UK.  Sean Connley.  You can see Sean’s website

I can tell you now you won’t find many people that have a bigger heart than Sean.

One of the authors that always talks about this is John Maxwell.  In most of his books he says that you need to lead yourself first and then lead others.  I find one of the best ways to do that is to try and help others.

Michael Jackson said it in his song – Man in the Mirror.  “If you want to make a change take a look in the mirror and make that change”

So, when you next think that someone should do this….maybe that someone is you.


Why you need to see this video if you care about health!

Yes it is serious.  I don’t always put on a serious “face” with this blog as I like to keep my Personal Development messages upbeat.  But I felt this topic needed a serious tone.  Slightly dramatic but that is what gets attention!

Anyway, as you may know I am involved in some projects to do with food production, what we eat and the sustainability of it.  You can see that here at

While looking at some videos on Youtube I came across the video from the Food matter people.  For a while now I have put a banner on this site linking to their site but I have never posted this video.  I watched it again and really felt that it is an important message to be spreading.

How we grow food, what we eat and what people think about that is key to our race working together and keeping healthy.  Changes happen slowly until they affect us.  This is happening right now.  As a Vegetarian/Vegan I think I eat very healthily….but actually there are things I need to change also.

We should all be getting behind the promotion of sustainable farming.  It is a problem we created and our children are going to have to manage.  Watch this video to find out more.

Check out the site