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Are you putting good seed in your head? Why you are your biggest enemy

There was a moment in my life that I had no idea that I was the one actually stopping my chance of acheving my goals.

Me?  Stopping me achieving?  Why would I do that?

You are reading this and I can almost promise you that you are doing exactly the same thing right now.  How do I know?  Well we all do it.  We all do this thing that stops us.

That is part of how the brain works.  We as humans, have the ability for amazing dreams and nightmares.  I loved the film Contact and this is what Jodie Foster’s characters dad says to her when she meet him (it’s not him but the other race of people).  We have the ability to create whatever we want in the world and make our world as we want it.

The challenge is deciding what to do with that ability.

I was sat in a presentation once and the speakers were a very successful couple.  They were farmers who had started a business and now didn’t need to farm anymore!  Anyway, he said a concept I hadn’t thought about.  Being a boy from middle England I didn’t know much about farming.  What he said was so simple and just so powerful.

“When we were farmers we knew that if we didn’t use good seed and sow it in good areas of the field then we wouldn’t get any crop later”

Now I know that seem so obvious but when this ex farmer said it in his simple yet powerful way it really made me think.

Firstly I thought wow that is like in the Bible  – You reap what you sow.  I had never really stopped to think about that saying.  We all use it all the time and I didn’t really think about what it really is about.

The other thing he was saying is if you don’t put good seed in then you won’t get good crop.

And this is exactly what the point is.

I have spent so many years creating goals, hitting them, missing them, re doing them etc (this is what you should be doing if you want to succeed) but what I didn’t realise is that I was also putting negative and irrelevant stuff in my head.

Let me give you some examples: –

  • TV
  • Negative friends
  • Newspapers

These are some obvious ones.  But the point is if you are filling your head with this crap then you will get out what you put in.

The brain will only work on what you feed it.  Why give it this?

I am not saying for a minute that I don’t read magazines or watch TV.  I do.  But I am very careful about what I read and watch.  Google news is bad for me.  When I go on that page I always read the news!

So I should stop going to that?  YES!

Your personal development plan should include what you are going to stop doing.  Maybe stop watching so much TV?

TV is one of the worst problems we have today.  We all have done it.  Go home, get changed, put the TV on and that’s it.  That is what we are doing until we go to bed.

Our brain is a very complex thing, but it needs simple instructions.  All day long it is learning about what you want and what you don’t want.  If you are watching a lot of TV about negative things then think about what your brain things you want.

When I realised how powerful this was I made a decision not to read newspapers all the time, not to watch certain TV and to not watch many films.  This also included watching my self talk.

And you know what?

Things changed.

Then I started to fill my brain with positive things.  While I was in the car I listened to CD’s, I read more books, started to met more people who were doing the things I wanted to.  I started to fill my brian with good!

Here are some great CD’s you can get if you want to do the same.

If you are working really hard at your goals but you find that you just can’t quite seem to achieve what you want then I would suggest having a look at all the things you are putting into your brain and work out what is negative and what is positive.  Are you giving your brain the right stuff?


An Englishman in San Diego! Using Personal Development

Well it feels like it was always “at the end of the year” but now it is finally almost the time to go to the USA!

Yes, I am moving to San Diego.  For those of you who don’t know, my wife is from San Diego and she has been living in the UK for the last 5 years.  She is ready to go back and I am ready to go with her.

Kim, has loved living in the UK.  It was hard for her at first but she loves things about it.  The pubs, people the ability to walk to most things!  But she hasn’t liked the weather and she hasn’t really been a fan that she only sees her family a handful of times a year.

We were always planning on moving it is just when you do this it always seem like the thing you are going to do rather than the thing you are doing.

Anyway, what does Personal Development have to do with this?

Well a lot actually.

Obviously this is a big change for me.  It comes right at the time that some of the business projects I am working on are about to either start or really become a good.  (By that I mean make money!).  This has been hard, hard to make the decision that I should leave n

ow and also hard to explain to the business partners that I am going.  They

always knew but I don’t think people really think you will go until you say “Hey I am going at the end of the year!”

It’s an exciting time but also a time of many uncertainties.  Will I enjoy it?  Will I make money?  Will I miss my family?  All these questions I actually know the answer to but they go around in my head anyway.

And this is why I am using many of the things I have learned in Personal Development to keep a slight sane mind!

Changing a life like this is not to be taken lightly but also it isn’t some negative event.  I have never been the sort of person to over think stuff but this does take some thinking.

There are negative thoughts.  But instead of thinking about those negative thoughts I am thinking about the positive ones.  Things like how great it will be, new friends, new places to see, sun!

And that is the key.

In any changes in your life you have to look forward and not back.  Why look back?  I don’t mean ignore your past I am just saying your positive feelings are the things to think about.

Why bother thinking about the negative?  The more you do that the more negative thoughts you will have.

Every Personal Development book I have read says this.  It is the 101 of Personal Development.

Napoleon Hill Said “What the Mind of Man can conceive it can achieve”

That is the same here.  If you are thinking about negative things then you will think more about negative things and you will feel negative about it.

If you think about positive ones then you will feel positive.  The brain will only do what you tell it to do.  It is like the farmer who plants bad seed in his field expecting a great crop.  It is not going to happen!

If you want good crop from your brain put good seed in.

One of the best ways I know to do this is using positive images or even movies.  Ryan Higgins from Mindmovies has just launched their new product.  I have used movies like this and then are really good.  You can check them out here.…

If you really do use these then you will see a difference.

I will post more about the move soon, this was just a short post as I wanted to talk about using positive thoughts.

See you soon.


How to visualise your life with Bob Proctor!

Visualisation is something many of us don’t really know how to do.  Also many think that it’s just about thinking about what you want….I know I had done that a lot!

Imagine being able to use a secret that actually does work.  Something that really gets results.  When I first learnt about manifestation and visualisation I knew they would work but didn’t know how they fitted into my Personal Development plan.

if you are like me then, well, Bob Proctor is the man to show you how.  Bob Proctor has been teaching manifestation for years.  He also shows you how to visualise your life.  Amazing right?  Well only if it works.  In this video Ryan Higgins from Mindmovies interviews Bob.

It is one of the most descriptive interviews I have seen of him.  Just click the link below my video to take you to the video I am talking about.…

How do I start a business? The secret you need!

One of the most exciting things to do in business in start a new one!

Starting a business is easy, it’s making money from one that is hard….well sometimes.

When I was a bad point in my life, starting a business was the only thing that really pulled me together.  It created action, belief and some hope that things might get better.  This is very important when you are feeling low.

There are all sorts of information references out there about starting a business.  Here are some.

But this is not what this article is about!  I don’t want to give you the basic how to’s of starting a business.  What I want to give is much more key.

“People who know how always work for people who know why”

Remember this.  It is going to be the most important thing you need to know when starting a business.  You see after several failed businesses and some successful businesses I now know that the most important thing is why I am starting a business.

It doesn’t matter really if the idea is good or not (honestly) what matters is if you know exactly why you are starting a business.  Ask yourself these questions: –

1. What is the reason I want to start a business

2. Am I prepared for what it takes?

3. Is this a bit of fun or is there a real reason?

I would seriously ask yourself these questions before you even start to think of designing your logo.  In fact doing all that stuff is the last things you want to be doing (logo etc).

4 out of 5 businesses fail (that is why I have started lots)

Seriously think about it.  4 out of 5 businesses fail.  I have had my share of these and seen many fail.  So you had better be sure you want to get into business.

And that my friend is the reason why I say the most important thing to know before you start a business is the reason why.

” I want to make money”.  Ok.  How much money?

“£1 Million” Ok.  What are you going to do with this?

Seriously you have to know WHY.  Just wanting to make money is really not a reason.  It’s what you can do with the money.

Here are some top motivating factors about starting a business

  • Make more money
  • Replace my income
  • Buy a car
  • Travel
  • Be my own boss
  • Leave a legacy

Do you see any of these in your reason why?

If you picked “Make more money” then you still need to know why you want to make more money.  I love making money.  Money is great but once you start making it you realise it is things you can get with it that are what you want.

My business partner has more money than me.  We were chatting on the way to a meeting today and he said that when he was making money he and his wife spent it on lots of things.  Then when he got a large (a lot) payout from a company he was running he realised that he didn’t want to spend anymore.  He could spend a lot more but didn’t want to.

The fun was gone from it.  He could have got a really nice car, two cars, bigger house, etc but didn’t want to.  He now had a lot but didn’t really want to spend it.  He wanted to do other things.

I know if you are about to startup your first business you probably don’t want to hear this.  But please listen to what I am trying to say.  You will thank yourself.

When you are stressed, under pressure, people asking you for money then you had better know why you are doing the business.

The other thing it does is define what the business should be.  If you are looking to start your own business to have more time then the last thing you want to do is set up a business where you are serving clients all day long.

So before you start making pencils and business cards.  Work out why you want to start a business and remember it.  Write it down and keep it so you can see it.

Look at Kirsty Henshaw who was on Dragons Den recently.  Read this story to see why she started her business.

Once you have done this then you might want to look at this great product from Brian Tracy.  This is a great product and if you are ready then it will be great for you.

What matters most?

We should all know what matters.