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Personal Development Demographics on Youtube


I was looking in my Youtube account and noticed some really interesting things. Normally I just go into it and look at the comments and videos from other people but I looked at the “insights” section.

This is where you can view details about who is looking at your videos. For someone with a website it is very useful because I do a lot of videos and need to know what people want from me! Well while looking at these details I saw something very interesting.

I am in my 30’s and have been involved in the Personal Development industry for about 6 years. So that means I started reading Personal Development books when I was about 27.

Well on my Youtube channel the most people viewing my personal development videos are in the 45 – 55 age range!

That got me thinking……

Is Personal Development only interesting to older people?

Do people only start thinking about changing themselves after life has given them a bit of a difficult time?

Probably.  You probably need to feel a bit of this to then start looking at how you can change yourself.

Then I realised that is a very sad thing.  Why don’t we teach personal development to our children?  Surely this should be taught in schools?

I have said for a long time that “How to win friends and influence people” should be taught in schools.

Now I do need to be open here.  I do know that in England they have introduced processes that essentially help children understand their emotions and how to goal set etc.  But this is only some of what they should know.

Would the world be a better place if we were taught Personal Development at school?

Imagine schools teaching: –

  • Goal Setting
  • Commuinication
  • Spiritual
  • Success thinking
  • Law of Attraction


I know some people reading this might say that they do…..but I mean really teaching this stuff.  Get it into the class room and have kids read books on all different topics.

If any teachers are reading this I would really like to hear from you…..leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Perhaps we can campaign for this?  I know on Youtube there is a friend of mine who teaches the Law of Attraction to children.

Perhaps it is on us to do this and not schools?


Get the why

When I started learning about Personal Development I wanted to know more about the “how”  How to make money, how to be a good talker, how to help people etc.  Then I learnt how doesn’t matter!

Get your why

Are your friends holding you back video

I don’t know how you will take this….but part of your personal development plan will be part of this…

Why read How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie?

This is one of the books you should have in your Personal Development Books reading shelf!

Are friends holding you back?

If you read this and apply what this says you may lose friends….

This might be one of the most challenging things you have ever done and also one of the best.

Aritole Onassis was asked near the end of his life that is he lost everything how we would he start again.  He said he would get a job doing manual labour as that all he had skills for.  Then he would use what he made to buy a suit and go and have dinner in the most expensive restaurant in town.  Here he would listen in on the wealthly people and learn what they are doing!

This is the process I went through and my life started to change immediately.

Let me explain.

Some years ago I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Book Rich Dad Poor Dad.  In this he talked about some great things but one that I had a challenge with was about my circle of friends.  You see he said that sometimes in order to become a success and achieve what you want you need to leave friends behind.

I honestly couldn’t see what he was talking about.

I mean I knew what he meant in terms of not letting your friends influence you.  I had always been able to do that.  But he was saying that I should stop all relationships with them!  And you know what?   He was right.

Robert Kiyosaki was being honest.  He was just getting to the truth.  We all grow up with social experiences and boundaries.  People around us influence our thinking and our thoughts.  Even if we think they don’t….they do.

Think about when people say “Bird’s of a feature stick together”.  I mean we all know that if your friend started making friends with the local “dodgy” people in town you would expect them to start acting the same after a while.

A parent would stop their child from spending time with the local troublemaker.  Why?  Well because the troublemaker would influence their child.  It’s something we all know and accept.

Yet as adults we don’t look at our friends!


Well I think mainly that our friends are going to be good decent people.  They are not troublemakers.  We don’t always see what influence they have on us.  But friends do have lots of influence on us even if we can’t actually see it.

Family can be even harder

When I was building a business a few years ago it took a lot of my time.  Before then I had been involved with things but not really focused on building a business for myself.  As I got more into the business it took up more of my time and I decided to stop doing certain other activities that also took up that time.

I made a decision.

Well some friends and family members started saying I was becoming “crazy, obsessed” and that I needed to look at my priorities.  But that was OK.

I realised they just saw a change in me and were not used to seeing that.  What they didn’t know is that I was building this business for me, my family and my life.  I wanted to make a difference and stop the life I was having.

They weren’t trying to hold me back because they didn’t care, they just didn’t understand.

It’s important to balance work and family.  I am not saying you need to discard all relationships for a business.  Actually that is also a mistake I made later…..but then learnt to manage.

What I am saying is that when you try and be successful in anything, you will find friends and family will try and hold you back.

Let’s take an example: –

Say you want to start learning a new language at the college.  It’s twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday.  You want to learn this language because you want to change your career and get a new job that means you will get to travel.

The only challenge is that Tuesday nights you see “The Boys” or “The Girls” and Saturday you play sport.  So you call up your friends and say that you will not be there on Tuesday night.  They start to complain and say that this is always the night you meet.  Also “Why can’t you come anyway”.  Well you explain that you want to learn a new language so that you can get a new job and travel the world.

They laugh.  How can you learn a new language!

You get the idea.

Then all your friends start calling you and saying that you should come as it’s what you have always done.  Anyway, why bother trying to get a new job?

They are not trying to intentionally hold you back, just that they would like to see you on Tuesday.  If this becomes a real problem then it is when you need to look at your circle of friends and make a decision.

That’s what I had to do.  I loved my friends but realised none of them were where I wanted to be.  The things they liked to do I didn’t want to do anymore.

It was very upsetting to see this but I knew I had to start leaving them where they were and start my journey to my new life.

So that is what Robert Kiyosaki meant.  Take a look at your circle of friends.  Ask yourself if they are where you want to be.  Or at least are trying to get where you want to be also.  If they are not then you might want to consider spending more time with those who are.

With love and respect.


What do you need to do to be happy? – A Video from Srikumar Rao

The “If then model”

This is a wonderful video.  I don’t know this guy very well but it is really good.  He reminds me a bit of Deepak Chopra.  This video is on a blog that I recommend subscribing to….

Check it out