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5 Ways to improve your Digital life in 2011 using Personal Development Ideas

I love gadgets and digital stuff.  But does this fit with Personal Development?

Well I know that our Digital life can mess with our Personal Development.  Phones, computers etc can become what we are instead of us using them for what we want.  Here is 5 tips to improve your digital life in 2011 using Personal Development Ideas.

Can you suggest of some more?

10 ways to make your digital life better in 2011 using Personal Development ideas

As you know I am all about being simple.  The more simple something is the easier it is to use and the more effective it is.  That is why I love technology.  It can help make complicated things simple and really provides us with a way to increase our productivity.

However, it can also really affect us.

Computers, phones, Ipods etc.  We are on them all the time.  This means we have little time to stop and just be.  Just be who we really want to be.  To think.

The more time we spend on technology the less time we have to think for ourselves.  Since I love technology and Personal Development here are 10 ways to make your digital life better using personal development ideas.

In no particular order: –

  1. Read a Personal Development Book for 15 minutes each day.  Put a time in your diary and do it!  On a Kindle is OK.
  2. Read the newspaper less this year.  Don’t read the news on Google each time you go to it.
  3. Get rid of your cable subscription and use netflix instead to watch films. This will stop you watching TV because you can.  How do you watch your favourite shows?  Apple TV.
  4. Don’t let your mobile phone ruin your life!  If it rings and you are busy….let it ring.  Better still put it on silent and when you are talking to someone face to face don’t answer it.
  5. Create MP3 or CD’s of your favourite Personal Development speaker and play them in the car.  Don’t listen to radio all the time.
  6. Subscribe to all your favourite Personal Development people on RSS and read their blogs without being on the web.
  7. Limit your computer time. Agree that you won’t look at the computer after 10pm or before 7am.
  8. Don’t reply to emails as soon as you get them.  Think about what you want to say.
  9. Take time to just get away from all gadgets for 10 minutes each day. Read a book or meditate.
  10. Know that you are in charge of technology, technology is not in charge of you!

I know these are simple tips but they can have a great impact on your life.  Try it and let me know how you did.


John Maxwell discusses What is the Secret to Success? What any Personal Development students needs to know

John Maxwell is argubly one of the best Personal Development, Self Help and Spiritual teachers.  He has written a lot of books on success and if you have ever listened to him you know he has some amazing values.

Frankly I think someone people write books to make some money….I don;’t thin this is what John Maxwell does.  I think he writes books because he wants to share his message.  This is a short video but the message is amazing.

Love and go for your dreams.

What is the Ego? And how your Ego is stoping you achieving what you want

Your Ego is not you. That is to say that, it isn’t the person you call yourself, me or I. So what is it? Well that depends. It depends on who you talk to.

If someone says “Oh they have an ego about it, I wouldn’t worry about asking them” What they are missing is that we all have an ego. Most of us do anyway, apart from those very enlightened people who are just being.

Unless you are able to sit on a rock in a beautiful park by a stream and meditate all day long chances are your ego is affecting what you do on a daily basis.

So then what is it?

Well it is the projected you. The projection of the person you believe yourself to be. “I am a technical person, I am a businesswoman, I am a salesperson”. Any label you choose. It goes further than that. “I am the type of person that…” Using the words “I”, “am” is ego speaking. It is the vision of who you think you are rather than the real you.

Sigmund Freud said we have the Ego – the balance mediator, Super Ego – Conscience and ID – Uncontrolled Energy.

An Ego has been created since you were born and you could say before. The lifestyle you were born into can affect your ego. “I am a white male” is also a label. It means something. It gives people something to gauge you by.

If I am not my Ego what am I then?

You are a living being. You are a consciousness of life. Of the energy and field of opportunity. A few Quantum Physicists would say “You are the consciousness that creates your world” I think that is true to a point. Really though I think I am the consciousness that creates my little bit of the world in the big field all of us are creating.

Is it possible that the world I see is entirely made up of my consciousness? Well then what about you? What about your consciousness? I believe that we are all responsible for the world we all see. What we do in our bit makes up the entire picture.

This is the “connected world”. To give you an illustration. If we were to stand together and hold up a large sheet above our heads then let it rest on us we would be connected with the sheet. The sheet is the field of possibilities and we are the consciousness that is affecting it. The other example is the the film The Matrix. At the end of that film Neo is shot and “dies”. Well he doesn’t actually die. He “wakes up” and can see the world for what it really is.  Just a field of numbers.  He sees the Agents (bad guys) as numbers also and from that moment is not affected by his Ego of what reality is. If you have not seen the film this might not make sense to you. I suggest you watch it. It is actually a great film based on some amazing concepts. I am not sure about the sequels……

The trouble with the Ego mind

The Egoic mind gives us so many of the things we don’t want in our life. Sadness, unhappiness, anger. All of these come from the Egoic mind. “I am angry because she said this to me”. Why? Why are you angry? So what if she said this or that. That is her problem right?

It is yes. Now I am sat here writing this knowing that I am not the perfect human being! I am just like the rest of them out there. I get angry, unhappy. But I know that when I am doing this it comes from the Ego not from who I really am. Life is a lot easier when you know that your feelings come from something that isn’t really you.

Let me give you an example

You are driving in your car and someone gets angry with you because you didn’t give them the right of way. They pull up next to you and shout. Now, what or who are they actually shouting at? And also who is actually shouting? Is it the person in the car, the physical body? It is the Ego that makes that person up? Or is it the real being? I would say it is the Ego of the being who is shouting at you. The real being wouldn’t shout. They wouldn’t even think to do that because they wouldn’t be thinking.

Do you see what I mean?

When your Ego is challenged that is what you feel. “She said this”, “He said that” is all coming from the Ego. If someone came to me and said “You are stupid” I would like to think that my reaction would be “Yes, sometimes I am”. They are right, sometimes I am! But what I might do is say to myself “Who is this to tell me I am stupid?”

That is my Ego speaking and using my label to defend my label. It is holding onto something that isn’t actually me.

When I used to sell software I made some good money. I was 25 and earning a lot more than any of my friends. Then I was a “software salesperson earning money” I could go out all the time, buy nice things, clothes, electrical items, toys etc. Then I started my own business and put over £100,000 into this. I then became a very un wealthy entrepreneur!

So if someone had come up to me at that point and said, “You are a terrible software sales person”. I would have probably agreed. I didn’t care. I was running my own business. In fact I didn’t care what anyone thought as I was doing something I wanted to do. But if they said that when I was earning money as a software sales guy then I would have taken offence.

The point is this. We work based on our Ego’s and what label we are.

So what can we do about it?

Well I don’t think we have to give up being something. It would be easy just to say “Ok now I am just being, I am not anything” But by saying that you are suggesting you are “anything”. So I think one of the great things we can do is just start to see where we are speaking from. Speaking from your real being or your Ego.

if you live from your real you and not your Ego it is ealier. The more you do this the easier it is. The more you find yourself acting from the real you and not your Ego. You don’t tend to get so upset or angry.

To see a great example of this just look at animals. They don’t have Ego’s. They just live for the now as a being. That is why animals love you. They don’t have an ego in the way.  If you love them they will love you. Animals feel pain like we do and share so much with us but they don’t have an Ego. Next time you look at your pet just look them in the eyes and ask them if they love you. Then tell them you love them and mean it from your heart. You will see what I mean when you do this.

If you really want to get into the Ego mind a great book to read is “Awakening to your Life’s Purpose” By Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart is one of the best authors on this subject.

How the Ego mind holds you back in achieving anything you want

If you want to achieve something in your life often you have to be different and make some changes. In order to make some changes you have to be prepared to not worry about a label.  If you worry about your label you won’t want to change anything.  You will be stuck.

Change requires you not to worry about what you are and what you want to be.  You have to let go of that and just change.  If you have a label then change is probably not going to happen.

Be free from your Ego!


What you do in the morning can change your life!

As you know I am a big fan of NOT starting your day with work or things that you have to do in the day.  Rather you do something for you.  This stops you going into the day without taking some time to think or not think I should really say!

A morning routine in your Personal Development Plan can change the way you think about yourself and the day ahead.  I know from my own personal experience that if I get on my laptop as soon as I get up then I will most likely be typing on it for a couple of hours.  I then feel stressed about what I have to do in the day.

When I get up and do some breathing, exercise, Meditation I feel relaxed and have a better understanding on what I want my day to be.

So instead of letting the day create the mindset you have for the day, you create the mindset you want for the day.

Eastern philosophy has know this for years.  That is why they meditate, do Tai Chi etc.  Why?  Well it gives your brain time to relax and enter a place where you can do something for you not all the things you have to do.

Try this for a week and see how much you change!


The 10 Day Ebook by Nick Daws – Review – How to make money from eBooks

I wrote a post about Nick Daws The 10 Day eBook and posted on the site.  Well I realised that some people might want to see what is in the eBook before they by it.  Well I here to help!

This video is a review of The 10 Day eBook.  In the video I say 100 day eBook but you know I mean 10.

You can get a copy of it here – The 10 day eBook


How great are you? Video to get you fired up! Rocky Balboa Speech

I am going to let the video say it all.  This was amazing when I watched the film the first time. If you are letting life keep you down this video is what you need to know.  This is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.

How do you make money from eBooks?

That my friend is a great question!

If you are asking that question then this is going to be something for you to read.

When I started this blog I had lots of goals to write eBooks and sell them on here.  I thought that my content would be a way to get people here, they would like what they read and then buy my eBooks.

Well, any ideas how well that went?

Not very good.  I enjoyed doing all the work (sometimes) but I didn’t really sell anything.  So my content must have been crap right?

Well when I had people read it  – not friends and family they all said it was good.  Some said it was excellent.  Would you pay for it? I asked.

Yes we would.

So what was wrong?  I had traffic to my site, I had click on my pages where the books were being sold.  Hmm.

Well after months almost a year of frustration I started to learn how to properly market my books.  Some sold and I got excited about it again.

When I now think about what I used to do I am shamed.  Hey that was my journey right?  The point is if I had the right information in the first place then I would have sold my books from the start.

Recently I came across this eBook from Nick Daws.  Nick is a freelance writer and author of over 80 ebooks.  80! Wow.  I have written 3!  Anyway, Nick is very experienced about writing, publishing and selling eBooks.  Nick’s book 10 Day Ebook is about….yes you got it! How to write and sell your eBook in 10 days.

I honestly thought that was a load of rubbish when I read his sales page.  But being the wannabe big time writer that I am I got his ebook.  Well done me.

It is  a great book.  Full of easy to understand steps that will get you to a book sale in 10 days.  Actually Nick also says that you will make $1000 also.  That is pretty amazing.

I am going to cheat a little and read the book then start my ten days.  Will be interesting to see how I do.  I don’t actually care as the content in the book is that good that I am happy to pay $97 for it.

After almost 3 years of writing this blog I still found things in his book that I didn’t know or had forgotten.  Here is some info from his site.  You can check out the book.

Click this here – 10 Day ebook

    • PRECISELY where to find ideas for hundreds, even THOUSANDS, of popular e-books!
    • A great free online tool that will help you find out how much interest there is in any potential e-book topic – with a step-by-step, illustrated guide on how to use it!
    • EIGHT more websites that will help you narrow down your choice of topic to the most profitable. You won’t believe some of the amazing free resources out there!
    • Yet another great free resource that will help you discover whether interest in your proposed topic is increasing or declining, and pinpoint any seasonal trends.
      (IMPORTANT: For some topics, interest is highly seasonal – using this research tool will ensure you don’t get caught out launching your e-book at the wrong time!)
  • Day 02
    • Three very good reasons why you should write an outline before you write your e-book.
    • An easy-as-pie, four-step plan for outlining your e-book – even a seven-year-old can do this!
    • How many chapters your e-book should have, and why. This is CRUCIAL for ensuring your e-book meets – or exceeds – customer expectations.
    • How to turn your outline into a ‘freewriting blueprint’ that will guide you every inch of the way through writing your e-book.
  • Day 03
    • The best way to write your e-book in the least possible time – using “freewriting” – all based on proven psychological principles.
    • The AMAZING SECRET to keeping research to a bare minimum. You won’t believe how much time this trick saves you!
    • Seven secrets of successful e-book formatting. E-books need to be written in a different way from ordinary books. This section tells you everything you need to know.
    • The four-word “WAYS” principle – and why you should let all of your e-book writing be guided by it.
  • Day 04
    • Why you CAN edit your e-book yourself, and some very important reasons why youSHOULD!
    • Ten POWER EDITING tips for ensuring that your e-book’s text is concise, informative and flows perfectly from the first word to the last.
    • Why your e-book DOESN’T have to be perfect – with five words to write out in great big letters and stick on your wall, to remind you what really matters!
    • The two-step scale-and-polish method for paragraph editing. You won’t believe how quick and easy editing becomes when you use this method – and it’s totally painless as well!
  • Day 05
    • The two main e-book formats, and which you should opt for with YOUR first e-book.
    • How to easily convert any word-processed document into a PDF file with FREE software easily available online.
    • One ESSENTIAL announcement you should place at the front of your e-book, to ensure it is legally protected by copyright.
    • Two more steps you MUST take to ensure that others do not copy your e-book and sell it on for profit. This is ESSENTIAL if you don’t want to see your hard-earned profits go down the drain!
  • Day 06
    • Why you should use an existing e-book publishing platform rather than attempt to set up a whole new publishing operation yourself.
    • Three hugely popular self-publishing platforms, with a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of each of them.
    • Our NUMBER ONE recommendation for publishing your e-book, together with a blow-by-blow guide to signing up with them. IMPORTANT: There are pitfalls in the sign-up procedure for the unwary – follow our detailed instructions to avoid any problems later!
    • Four ESSENTIAL tips for choosing a nickname for our recommended publishing site. You can’t change this later, so follow our advice and get this right from the beginning!
  • Day 07
    • A four-step  FORMULA and seven-step ACTION PLAN for writing a website sales letter that will blow the socks off your competitors.
    • The EIGHT best sales-page headlines to GRAB readers’ attention – plus seven tips for making sure your headlines virtually FORCE them to reach for their credit cards!
    • Seven tips for creating great bullet-point lists – these are CRUCIAL for persuading prospects to buy.
    • How to get brilliant testimonials for your e-book BEFORE it has even been published –PLUS an exclusive free testimonial offer from Nick Daws himself!
    • How long should your sales letter be – three Golden Rules to guide you in this controversial decision!
    • Five tips for creating (or sourcing) great FREE BONUSES to seal the deal – your customerswon’t be able to stop themselves buying when they see the amazing extra goodies you are offering them!
    • EIGHT top-selling sales pages to visit, study, and learn from. These online sales pages are certain to give you ideas for your own sales page, and provide a standard for you to aspire to.
  • Day 08
    • How to buy a domain name and hosting for your sales site – a step-by-step guide to using one popular, low-cost service.
    • Six things you MUST have on your pitch page and three you MUST have on your thank-you page. Without these, your sales site WILL NOT BE APPROVED.
    • How to create your payment link using text or images. No previous knowledge of HTML required!
    • Ten top tips for designing your pitch page using proven principles to maximize sales. This hard-to-find information is worth the price of the guide alone!
    • Four tips for creating your thank-you page – including a SECRET WAY of studying hundreds of other ClickBank thank-you pages. You can even download the products in question for free – not that we’re recommending this, of course!
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    • A sneaky (but almost certainly legal) three-step method you can use to capitalize on other website designers’ skills – absolutely free!
    • Another method you can use to get dozens of professional designers to bid on creating your sales site for you – then all you have to do is pick the one offering the best combination of skills and value for money!
    • Why you MUST have statistics on your sales site – and a great FREE stats service that will tell you everything you could ever want to know about your website visitors!
    • A seven-step guide to uploading your sales site and getting it approved by ClickBank. Once you’ve done this, congratulations – you’re a published e-book author!
  • Day 09
    • The two main options for launching your e-book to the world – and which you should choose for your first e-book.
    • How to submit your sales site to the search engines – step by step advice to get your promotional campaign off to a cracking start!
    • Why you should use articles as a key component of your promotional strategy – and five top article directories you should submit them to.
    • Seven top tips for using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – a FAST and EFFECTIVE way of getting targeted traffic to your sales site.
    • Why having a list is so important, and two great services – one free, one low cost – that will make building your list of prospects and mailing to them A SNAP!
    • Six top tips for using ezines and email newsletters to promote your e-book – no fees required!
    • A seven-step guide to starting a free blog to help sell your e-book – you can literally do this in just TEN MINUTES.
    • FREE RESOURCE you can use to find bloggers who are willing to publish your promotional articles for free – yet another PRICELESS promotional tool!
    • The three top social networking sites you should be using to promote your e-book – within-depth advice on how to use them.
    • How you can get the message across about your e-book on forums and message boards. There’s a right way and a wrong way of doing this. Follow our advice to ensure you use this powerful technique the RIGHT way!
    • How to ‘listen in’ online for people asking questions related to the subject of your e-book – and then ANSWER them, with a link to your e-book sales page for more info. You’re going to LOVE this powerful yet little-used technique!
    • Eleven tips for writing a press release to promote your e-book – together with a sample e-book press release, so you can see EXACTLY what you need to do.
    • Six press-release distribution services – some free, some low-cost – that will send your release to THOUSANDS of websites, newspapers, journalists, and so on. You can’t put a price on the value of the publicity this will generate!
    • Five tips for recording a podcast to promote your e-book – plus details of a free service that will submit your recording to over FIFTY podcast directories on your behalf!
    • Three top tips for creating a promotional video for your e-book – with details of another free service that will submit your video to over twenty video-sharing sites for you ANDshow you detailed statistics of where and when they are being watched.
    • An easy way to create a promotional video for your e-book with no need to appear in it yourself – and the FREE SOFTWARE you can use to do this!
  • Day 10
    • Why you need affiliates to maximize your e-book sales – and five top tips for gettingSHED LOADS of affiliates via the ClickBank Marketplace.
    • Two great online forums you can use to recruit more affiliates to sell your e-book on your behalf – both have THOUSANDS of members just waiting to sign up to promote your e-book!
    • The ‘secret’ software that allows you to discover the top-selling affiliates for any product sold on ClickBank. You can then contact these affiliates and enlist their help in selling your own e-book!
    • What is a Joint Venture and why all the top Internet marketers use them – along with alittle-known forum where you can advertise your JV invitation, and view those of other top Internet marketers and steal their ideas!
    • The FIVE different types of Joint Venture – one of these (at least) will be right for YOUR e-book!
    • What “PLR” means, and why selling it in your e-book can spell A BIG PROFIT BOOST for you, and still allow you to go on selling it to other customers!
    • How to get dozens of bloggers to review your e-book – and how to choose exactly whichblogs you want to be reviewed on!