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15 reasons why you are not successful


There is a lot of great information about how to become successful. I have done some articles on success also. However, I think there is a challenge about this. The problem comes when you try to put MORE things into your life.

What we don’t normally talk about is things we should TAKE out of our life. This is what I talk about in this video.

Please leave a comment if you do some of these!

Mike Koenigs founder of Traffic Geyser talks about leadership

You most likely won’t know this guy unless you are in the internet marketing area but he has helped some oif the biggest names in the personal development industry build their business online.

I use his Traffic Geyser service and he provides some great content not just on making money but on self help.  Here he is talking about leadership.  It is a great video.

Who is going to be UK number 1? Is the Rage Against the Machine campaign nasty?

I know I know this is not really a personal development post!

But I wanted to write something about what people are doing in the UK.  If you don’t know what is happening let me explain.

Simon Cowell has had an artist at number one for the Christmas single.  Four years running!  This is a great achievement but many people are not happy that he is dominating the charts so much.  Especially with the sort of songs he has.

The X factor show is also a great platform for him to sell these artists to us.  Clever when you think about it.

So what is the big fuss about Rage against the Machine and Joe McElderry?

Well someone on Facebook started a campaign to get “Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the name” at number 1 rather than Jo McElderry’s song.

I am fairly indifferent to the whole thing but I have to say as a teenager I did love the Rage against the Machine song.  Joe’s song is also good but I kind of want this backlash to work.

Not in a malicious way, just because I think it is great this country is realising that if we stand together we can make a difference.  I think that we need to do more of this.  I don’t mean raging against the machine just knowing that if we think something is wrong then we can do something about it.

It doesn’t have to be a riot but it can be something powerful like this campaign. Many say it’s all a con anyway as Sony has the rights to both songs so what is the difference?

Well I guess that is a good point but I think this about people realising they have a voice.

We can do so many great things in this world if we just forget about being just a couple of people and seeing that if we feel a certain way then other people will also.  They are always people who will feel the way you do.  It’s just about finding them and working to a common positive goal.

OK, so perhaps I should tell you which download I purchased?  Well you may have guessed.  Some of the lyrics are pretty strong but I couldn’t help myself!


Rage against the machine

The lost generation

This has not much to do with Personal Development but it has a great message.

Goal Setting in 5 Minutes


I sent a mail out to my success newsletter group about why it’s important to Goal Set now before next year.  Well I didn’t think about it that much but someone came back and asked me HOW they should goal set!

That got me thinking about what to say back.  There are so many ways to goal set it can become a challenge to learn all the method.  So I thought I should do a quick video showing how I goal set to get results in 5 minutes!

Personal Development is just Brain Washing

“Yeah, I know all about that Personal Development rubbish, it’s all just brainwashing anyway!”

Ever heard someone say this?  Perhaps to you?

Great!  You know why I think that is great?  Because I 100% agree with them!  Personal Development is just brainwashing!

Yep you heard me right.  I am saying it now, Personal Development is just brainwashing.  Ok, don’t worry I have not gone mad!

Let me be clear here, I DON”T agree that Personal Development is rubbish but I do agree it is brainwashing.  That’s exactly what is it.  It clears your brain of all the crap you have been putting into it.  All the negative, all the thoughts that keep you from achieving your goals, all the times someone has told you, you are a loser.  Every “No” you have had as a salesperson, every bad conversation that went the wrong way and upset you and the other person.

Personal Development (Self Help, Self Development) cleans it out.

Most of the people who tell you Personal Development is brainwashing don’t realise what they are saying. What many don’t know is that we are brainwashed all the time!  Just that type of brainwashing isn’t by choice.  Newspapers, TV, people, the internet etc all brainwash us all day long.

I was going to a meeting the other day and while waiting in the foyer I noticed there was big LCD screen above the receptionist.  The sound was on and I could hear it very clearly.  Do you know what they were playing on it?  The news.  It was on a news channel!

No I don’t know about you buy have you seen how those work?  All they do is have the same news on all day long.  I wondered how that receptionist felt at the end of the day.  That negative content would be going into her brain subconsciously without her even wanting it to.

As we do the activities we do on a daily basis we are constantly being given brainwashing messages.  On the radio in the car, road advertising, the newspaper you read all have messages in them.

Have you noticed how cars have the name of the brand stuck on them?  Why is that?  It’s so we know what it is so we can go and buy it!  They don’t do it to make the car look good.  Normally the badge looks odd, not really in keeping with the car.

Even seeing people in different clothes can give us messages about what we might want to buy.

Don’t be fooled by the negative

So many people I have met think that the entire Personal Development industry is a rip off.  They say that people who write self help books are just looking to make a profit.  Again I would agree with that.  They are looking to make a profit, like any good business person but large share of them are also looking to help people.

Sure, if they write a good book and it sells they will make a lot of money.  Just ask Jack Canfield.

But so what?  If a book helps me then I am very happy to buy it.  The same would go for a text book on any subject.

If you find yourself in conversation with someone about this who believes that Personal Development is a big con then I suggest you walk away.  They are not really interested to hear what you have to say and just want to tell you what they “know”.  If you really do have talk to them just ask them this: –

“Have you ever read a book (Listened to CD etc) that has shown you how to do something?  Maybe a text book at school?”  They may not be honest and say no.  But you know as well as they do that they have read a book that has helped them.  That then is a Personal Development book.

As I said I wouldn’t bother even doing this but if you have to then it can help.

Remember, this is your life and you can read what you like!

Matt – Personal Development Fan

Now is the time to set goals for the New Year

Christmas is almost here and it is getting cold in the UK!

Now now is the best time to set your goals for the New Year.  I know many of us are busy enough without having to worry about setting goals but I think it’s key you do them now rather than in the new year.

Sitting down now and planning your goals means you have a head start when the year starts.  You don’t have to worry about “what you are going to do” in the new year or think about it while you should be enjoying yourself.

There is also a very powerful benefit to doing this now that is not totally obvious

If you get your goals ready for next year you are giving your subconscious things to think about.  It will work on your goals while you are having fun over Christmas.  This is why it’s so important to set your goals now.

It will start to make plans or ideas that you may never have thought of before.

Also setting goals now means you don’t have to try and fit it in next year.  Let’s be frank, once the year starts our lives take over again.  We don’t have enough time and it’s a challenge to find the time to sit down and really think and plan.

Why make it so hard?

If you do your goals now, you can have a great time over Christmas and look forward to the new year.

Have fun.  I wish you a great Christmas.


That’s a way to get perspective!

I saw this article while doing some looking around the internet.  It really made me stop and think.

It’s a wonderful article and worth reading.  How would your perspective change?

Trust, Freedom and Resentment

by Charles H. Green on Friday, January 26, 2007 (post #56)

Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, flight lounge 52. I have 90 minutes of work to do in the business lounge.

A few desks away from me sat a very large man, gobbling snacks, sweating—and wheezing, very loudly, with every breath. The more he went to get food, the louder he wheezed on return.

He annoyed the hell out of me.

My head phones couldn’t compete, my iPod was unavailable. All seats were taken, and I had to work. The minutes droned on, his snargling wheezing got worse; I got angrier.

I hurried, mentally rehearsing snide remarks. I finally left early, thinking of noise pollution, gluttony, and the selfishness of other people. He’d put me in a bad mood.

Then I read the NYTimes story, “A 12th Dallas Convict is Exonerated by DNA.”

HOUSTON, Jan. 17 — A 50-year-old Dallas man whose conviction of raping a boy in 1982 cost him nearly half his life in prison and on parole won a court ruling declaring him innocent. He said he was not angry, “because the Lord has given me so much.”

The parolee, James Waller, was exonerated by DNA testing, the 12th person since 2001 whose conviction in Dallas County has been overturned long after the fact as a result of genetic evidence….

Prosecutors had joined defense lawyers in calling for the clearing of Mr. Waller, who spent more than 10 years behind bars before he was paroled in 1993…

Mr. Waller broke down once at the hearing, describing how his car crashed on the way to a court proceeding in 2001, an accident that killed his pregnant wife, Doris, and the unborn daughter they had wanted to call Grace. “I said, ‘Well, I don’t want to live no more,’ ” he recalled, mopping his face with a tissue…

By the [12-year old victim’s] account, he [had] heard the voice of his [medium-height, medium-weight] attacker that night at a 7-Eleven near his home, and turned to see Mr. Waller, who was then 25 and lived with his family in the same apartment complex as the victim, the only black family there. Although there were discrepancies in the boy’s account — Mr. Waller is almost 6-foot-4 and was heavy — and although Mr. Waller presented witnesses saying he was home at the time, he was convicted in 46 minutes and sentenced to 30 years. He won parole in 1993 but had to register as a sex offender….

Mr. Waller has started a lawn care business, but remains on parole pending the formal action of the appeals court and must shy from all contact with children. “It has been a long struggle for me,” he said. “They look at you like you’re an animal.”

Mr. Waller—incarcerated, libeled, despised—is free of anger.

I—flying business class internationally—was imprisoned by it. I couldn’t even own my anger, I had to blame someone else—a poor man who had the nerve, the temerity, to continue breathing after I had entered his room.

I am struck—and shamed—by the enormous gap between Mr. Waller’s way of dealing with reality, and my own.

Trust requires the ability to get outside oneself. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. The optional part is vastly greater—if we only choose it.

Why do I find that so hard to do?