Mr Personal Development – A new fiction thriller

Murder – Money  – Power – What’s your poison?

James Skye’s life is perfect.  His speaking tour is sold out, his last book was a No 1 bestseller, he’s good looking, wealthy and frankly people love him.  He is Mr Personal Development!  To everyone James is a success but behind the scenes he is anything but.
Red Victor is the brilliant and revered CEO of Silken Technologies.  He will stop at nothing to win in business.  Even if that includes torture, corruption and murder.  His latest Palm oil plantation is at risk of failing because of a dispute with the Borneo locals and government.  It could be worth billions of dollars.  Red Victor offers James the opportunity of a lifetime; to make a lot of money and quickly.  An offer James can’t turn down.   When the beautiful and mysterious Sarah Jones contacts James’ and tells him his and other’s lives are in danger all hell breaks loose.
Can James save his life and others lives without the secret getting out?  What follows is a race against time as James has to decide between success, morals, money and life or death.

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This littlebook will change your life. An easy to read, honest, direct and no fluff book that comes straight from the heart to yours. Whatever you are looking to change follow the 12 practical steps that have helped Millions of people.

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Amazon Reviews

“I really enjoyed Matt’s book. It was a great, quick, motivational read. I liked the author’s honesty. It provided some great steps to help put your life on track, or get it back on track. I finished the book feeling excited!”


“Matt has written a superb book here. He covers a digestible amount of simple, but life changing ideas and concepts. I’ve spent weeks reading many books that are so detailed you don’t know where to start, but this little gem is crystal clear.

So, if you’re stuck in a rut, which I have been in the past, Matt’s book will reassure you that there is a way out and show you that you already know how to get out of it.

Written with humility and honesty I would definitely recommend this book to pretty much anyone. Matt, I look forward to your next injection of positivity and guidance” Mikemusic






Matt Belcher is an author and blogger. His blog helps thousands of people find the information they need to have a life turn around. Matt has worked in many countries with many different people and can connect on a profound level.




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